Jamison Troy

Jamison Troy

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

After calling East Vancouver home for over two years, Jamison Troy is starting to come into his own as a singer/songwriter with his solo project as well as drummer and guitar player in various other projects (Mercy Years, Going Steady). His debut full length "Searching for the Quiet" released in the fall of 2011, is a relfective and quiet documentation of his life in Vancouver and the places that brought him here. Reminiscent of artists such as Owen, Denison Witmer and Sam Beam, but with his ow


When emo is a dirty word, and indie has lost its meaning, an artist like Jamison Troy can be hard to nail down. His punk rock roots and lo-fi sensibilities are a peculiar match for his fragile voice and orchestral arrangement. His influences are obvious but subtle. Bringing to mind acoustic singer-songwriters like Owen, Denison Witmer, and Sam Beam; as well as hints of the glory days of 90s emo bands like Braid, Plankeye, and The Promise Ring.

He started carving out a sound in 2009 after moving to Calgary from his hometown of Regina Saskatchewan. In a crowded communal living space there, between bicycling and serving coffee, he wrote what would become his debut EP To The Places We Go From Here (recorded later that year at The Atangard in Abbotsford, BC). That fall he relocated to Vancouver, as a new member of Treelight Room, who were themselves leaving their hometown of Kelowna for the coast.

Disbanding just short of a year later, Troy was left feeling uncertain about life, home, and purpose. His first solo tour that Spring saw him trace Western Canada with Saskatoon's Fisticuffs, showcasing his new songs to new people, and developing a quiet self-assured live presence. He returned to Vancouver with a second wind, and began fleshing out songs with old and new friends alike.

On his debut full length record Searching For The Quiet simple songs about every day life are given surprising weight behind gentle washes of electric, pedal steel, violin, and Troy's own drumming. They paint a sincere picture of life in East Van, and take a quiet path into the listener's heart, without faltering over trends and cliches.


To The Places We Go From Here- EP Released November 2009
Searching for the Quiet- Full Length Released August 2011
B Sides- Release March 2012

Set List

A regular set will be 6-12 songs in length depending on the setting and can run anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour.

Material consists mostly from the full length "Searching for the Quiet" as well as from the "b sides" tape and previously unreleased songs.