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Classic Rock and Rap, Funk and Metal - making old school modern, mixing sounds as diverse as Prince, Frank Zappa, Ice-T, and Eminem. Lyrics that give you something to think about, music that is sample-free, and a show that entertains and leaves you with vivid memories - that is the power of Jam-L.


Weaned on classic rock, what's a black guy from the islands living with a white family in Montana gonna do? Write songs that mix the modern and the classic, spend fifteen years honing his skills, then leave the Big Sky country for a sunny beach in Florida where he can spread the music. Jam-L's music is about the good and bad in life - taking the fall for a friend's mistakes; learning the hard way about life on the street; or just partying with friends. The combined influences of classic rock, heavy metal, rap, hip hop and funk provide a sizzling backdrop for this unique sound, something that transcends the "bling & forty" styles so popular in hip hop today. Jam-L fronts a four-piece band of seasoned professionals. Could Jam-L be the next multi-platinum crossover? Here's what one reviewer said:

"Rap and metal, infused with a bit of funk and even classic rock, Jam-L evokes a unique style, showing as much influence from Richard Marx and Prince as he does from Busta and Snoop. Is Jam-L the next crossover king, bringing urban style to the masses? No tellin 'til the ink is on the contract."


Demo Release: Jam-L's Jamelution - Five Song Demo.

1. Evolution
2. Popsicle Stick
3. Stereotype
4. Unanswered Dreams
5. Throw 'em Up

Set List

Sets are about forty minutes and consist of all original songs with one tribute/jam song as a closing act. There are no samples or licensing issues; all songs are original with a couple of nods to Jam-L's influences of the past in style and vocalization.

1. Stereotype
2. Matter of Time
3. Evolution
4. Popsicle Stick
5. Unanswered Dreams
6. Throw em Up
7. The Judge Who Hanged Me
8. Am I Evil
9. Tribute track/jam