Grandris, Rhône-Alpes, FRA

Heavy Fingers, 4 saxophones, 4 figures, swirling music, a unique spectacle. A series of pictures where all 4 sax take you on a musical journey and stage where humor is mixed with compositions jazz, classical, reggae, salsa, blues. All the ingredients for virtuosity, comedy and humor in the service of this show. That’s happiness.From 7 to 97 years old


Musicians from Heavy Fingers are coming from the « Conservatoire de Lyon » and the International Music School in Paris. Each of them following a soloist career, had the chance to meet and play all over France with : Martial Solal, Laurent Cugny, François Jeanneau, Henri Texier, Magik Malik, Alain Debiossat, Benny Golson… for the jazz music ; Popular singers as The Temptations on tour, Maurane, Maxime Le Forestier, Mickaël Jones ; and Opéra de Saint-Etienne, Orchestre Lyonnais, Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain from Daniel Kafka... for classical mucic.
Since 2004, they have a musical and artistic role in the show « Comic Symphonique » from Marc Jolivet produced at the Olympia, at the Châtelet, at the Casino de Paris, at the Comédia. (all French theaters in Paris). In 2005 Four saxophonists and an actress in a totaly new adaptation of a famous worldwide
composition. -A new musical arrangement, very studied but at the same time clear and brilliant. Brisk and joyfull, the music leads the public towards a world of colorful sounds. -At the beginning of the show, an energetic and enthusiastic actress narrator presents the musicians and their instruments in a very funny but educational way. Then, she tells us little Pierre story we can see at the same time. A simple stage is set which enables us to easily follow the different characters played by the musicians. At the same time th new desire to combine jazz and comedy starts. From the work with a director and a director of theater actor was born the show "Jamm ". One way to bring the spectators in the music world by the discovery of the instrument communication tool.
Arnaud Jourdy soprano sax, Manuel Fillat Baritone sax, Maxime Curtelin Alto sax, Jacques Ponthus Tenor Sax.


dvd of the show "jamm"