Jampara And The Batalion
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Jampara And The Batalion

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands | SELF

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands | SELF
Band World Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos





Jampara recorded two albums with the wailers, former band of late Bob Marley - Jampara

"Video of "Bad Time" Song"

Video of Jampara
Please view my youtube for more videos: www.youtube.com/jampara1 - Jampara

"Mano Mundo Festival 2010"

Picture of a Mano Mundo Festival - Jampara


Great performance - Jampara


This was a huge success - Jampara





"AFRICAN ROOTS & REGGAE & Burundi Culture Drumming"

To generalize, African reggae is distinguished musically by its live-instrument (non-digital) sound, which incorporates influences from not only Jamaican music, but also African, along with jazz, blues, and rock 'n roll. Vocally, African reggae often seems to provide emotional, airy melodies, often sung in one or more of the hundreds of languages/dialects spoken on the continent -- the diverse inflections inherent in these tongues enriching the sweetness of the vocals

Whatever the factual basis of such stories, there remains little doubt that reggae is one of the most widely embraced musical genres in Africa today. Bands everywhere play it, even if it's not their principal style, and every major African city houses full-time reggae bands. Over the years, Africa has produced superstar reggae talent, as well, notably Alpha Blondy of Ivory Coast and the late Lucky Dube of South Africa

Reggae music, the music associated with irie feelings, dreadlocks and sunsplash, was dried up and gone, replaced by dancehall techno drivel that had no place on home stereo equipment.
Unfortunately, my bold opinion has been shared others, millions of others, namely the record buying public that swallowed up Israel Vibration, The Meditations, Aswad, Burning Spear, Luciano and Michael Rose. And continues to purchase the timeless music of Bob Marley in any shape or form.
- Jampara


Album: Tolerance With The Wailers Members:

1. Tolerance
2. Bad time
3. Wait for the right time
4. Give thanks and praises
5. Tolerance Dub
6. What a feeling
7. Natural living
8. Colly Herb
9. What a feeling Dub
10. Bad times Dub

Album: Beyond the sun by Jampara & The Wailers Members

1. Reggea music
2. Spliff time
3. Nighttrain
4. Stop crying
5. Beyond the sun
6. War
7. Cheky Cheky
8. Beyond the sun Dub
9. Stop crying baby Dub
10. Reggea music Dub

1. Margarita (Single) by Jampara And The Batalion

The band is recording a new album.



n 1988 Jampara went to Jamaica where he met Aston Familyman ‘Barrett, the leader of the legendary Wailers. Jampara made two albums with the Wailer in Jamaica the first one called “Tolerance” released in 1990. After the first album in 1993 Jampara and Aston Familyman ‘Barrett’ started talking about forming a new reggae band. Soon Jampara was looking for a bass player, and was lucky to find one in the form of Robby Skipper. The Batalion as a band was born. Originally the band existed of five people, Ras Jampara as the lead singer and solo guitar, Robby Skipper on bass guitar and as Chief in command, Captain Anthony rhythm guitar, Professor Moha on drums and War Tanga as the lead guitarist. Now the Batalion performs mostly 12 to 13 musicians, with changing additions to the core of the band. The Batalions first gig was a double bill with Burning Spear at the Paradiso in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in 1995. In 1999 Jampara and the Batalion went to Jamaica to record their first album called “free like a bird”, at the same time Jampara recorded the second album with the Wailers this album was called “Beyond the Sun”. Since the year 2000 Jampara has combined his love for reggae music with his Burundi roots, which makes this not only a music performance but a unique experience because of the Burundi drummers. This experience established the Batalion as a good, international roots Reggae band which earned them recognition and respect.