Jam Samich

Jam Samich


Jam Samich, an improvisational-rock band combining elements of rock, progressive-rock, funk, blues, jazz, soul, reggae, and metal. Fully armed with dueling guitars and a ground shaking rhythm. Jam Samich has the groove to make your booty move.


It was December 2003 in Waterford, a city outside of Detroit, MI that Jam Samich was formed. Jam Samich quickly moved out of their drummer's living room and into the smoke filled bars in and around the metro Detroit area. The band's story really started in March of 2004, when Jam Samich traveled up the road to a local watering hole (Overtyme Bar & Grill) to perform at the Tuesday Open Mic Jam. They received an incredible reaction from the crowd, staff, and management. They instantly made a name for themselves in and around town. Within five months they were asked to host the Open Mic Jam and continued to do so for the next six months. By October 2004, they made their way down to Ferndale to perform their first show outside home boundaries. Since then, Jam Samich has been consistently performing four to six high-energy shows a month all around the great state of Michigan working to build a fanbase. In doing this they have gathered a loyal group of friends and fans that show up to each and every show. Like many of the up-and-coming Jam Bands around the
country Jam Samich strongly encourages the taping and trading of their live performances. They tend to make each performance different from the last, so spread the JAM.

What does the future hold for Jam Samich? We will continue to grow into one of the most exciting, original bands to ever blossom from Detroit. It is our goal to continue to write new, catchy, danceable songs to add to our ever-growing song catalogue. Jam Samich won't be, and can't be stopped. From east to west coast we will strive to push who we are and what we are all about. Starting off in 2007 we plan to finish our first studio CD, so expect it soon! Jam Samich will do everything in their power to perform on a stage near you, so keep your eyes and ears open.


Stream some of the live Jam Samich shows on the Inernet Archive.

Set List

Set list taken from Cj's Brewing Co. - August 25th, 2005.

1. Breaking Glass
2. Good Morning Little School Girl
3. Beotch Jam
4. Shook me all night
5. Cissy Strut*
6. Mary Had a Little Lamb
7. One Way Ticket
8. New Funk
9. Statesborro Blues
10. Beautifully Broken
11. 80's Medley
12. New Shit
13. Janowski 2000