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"New Jamsquid Album on the Horizon"

Happy 2011 Everyone!

Things are looking good for the squids at the top of the year. With a fresh start, Jamsquid has begun collecting material for the new full-length album. A new parallel data recording rig adds to the band's in-house studio setup last November; the machine will ensure some new sounds, tones and techniques for the upcoming release.

Over the next few months preliminary recordings will take place at Megazord Studios. These 'After 8 Sessions' are a collection of new songs recorded live off the floor at the sound-tech's, J-WAY Precious, rehearsal space in December 2010.

"Having time to work with these rough versions gives us the opportunity to look at a song, decide how we want it to sound and then experiment with some creative recording techniques. We've found that this method serves to incorporate all input from each member and develops a track into the truest form of 'the band'. I can say things are sounding good and am excited to get to the finished product." -Mike
The latest Jamsquid EP is set to begin tracking in June 2011, followed by a series of local gigs promoting new material. Stay tuned for gig dates TBA.

See you in the Spring!

-The Squids

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"Jamsquid CD release!!"

Written by Ric Taylor, View Magazine
Thursday, 05 August 2010 11:08

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Zack Casuccio (vocals, guitar), Mike Cicuttini (guitar), Joel Spadafora (bass) and Brad Kiely (drums) formed Jamsquid in 2008 with the idea of making some heavy, progressive art–rock in the ‘90s alt–rock vein of Tool, Marilyn Manson or the Smashing Pumpkins. This weekend Jamsquid release their new self–titled EP with hopes of taking their tentacles and expanding hold on area music fans.

“I tried to capture the raw excitement of our live shows on the record,” notes Cicuttini who headed up the original recordings that were later mastered at Grant Avenue Studios. “It was cool thinking up different ways to convey that sort of energy. Using cool effects as spices in an otherwise raw mix turned the album into a sonic wash of cool textures. I hear a mix of rock, grunge, rap, and even pop in our sound. It stems from our wide range of musical tastes. An element of every style comes through in the tunes. An underlying groove is also something that is always present.

“We have heard a wide variety of descriptions for our music,” adds Spadafora. “Trip rock and modern progressive have been used. Stoner rock has come up once or twice. The album is different enough to get people psyched and interested about what we are doing.”

With a couple of year’s worth of regular gigs that has reportedly had increasing dramatic flair, the plan is set to expand their geographic influence with touring and collect video footage for a pending DVD release for fans. But with the release of their debut recording, Jamsquid hope to start things this weekend with a splash.

“We’ve been stepping up our live show over the years,” says Cicuttini. “I’ve seen fans ranging from 13– to 50–year–olds at our gigs. The music we make kind of goes beyond a genre and connects on a level where anyone who likes good music will probably dig it. The CD release is going to be the biggest Jamsquid event to date. We’ve engineered a spectacular new light show to be unveiled that night. I think this is what the band needed to take our show to the next level. A perfect blend of musical textures and colour schemes is key to moving people through your live performance. It’s going to be something that will stick with you forever.”

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Jamsquid "Self-titled EP"
1. Volvo
2. Piece
3. Dog
4. Camel
5. Newfie
* Released 2010

***Full length album being put together now.***




The entity known as Jamsquid materialized in the summer of 2008 when four born and raised Hamilton area musicians mixed their creative stylings to create thick layers of musical texture. Zack Casuccio (Vocals, Rhythm guitar), Mike Cicuttini (Lead guitar), Joel Spadafora (Bass), Brad Kiely (Drums) make up the powerhouse that has been tearing up the Hamilton music scene for the past few years.

The musical collaboration began back in 2002 when Mike and Joel started jamming with a band out of Greensville called ‘Thehumansideproject’. Practicing covers of TOOL, Marilyn Manson, and Radiohead provided a wide range of styles to influence these young players.

“Being in a band with Joel during my developing years really enabled my playing to grow. I’m fortunate to still play with a musician who knows what I’m thinking before I think it.” (Mike).

Around the same time, across town, an up and coming guitar player named Zack Casuccio was looking for a creative outlet of his own. Zack was already a high level basketball player representing Hamilton on an international level, but he was also an accomplished guitar player who was looking to branch out. It wasn't until he found a local drumming prodigy named Brad Kiely that he could start focusing in on his musical strong points. Brad was raised in a very musically talented household.

Brads oldest brother Steve was an accomplished drummer who provided the backbone for such Southern Ontario acts as; ‘Frantic city’ (disbanded), ‘Jen Militia’ (disbanded), and LoFi. Steve is now an active member in the bands ‘The Reason’ and ‘Monster Truck’. Brad followed in his brothers footsteps and started to play the drums when Steve sold him his old kit. Lacking a space to keep them, Steve let brad store his drums at Frantic Citys rehearsal space which gave him a place he could practice.

Brad and Zack made many trips to the spot where they were able to take advantage of the quality equipment, and Zack got a chance to step up to the mic for the first time. They frequently hosted all night jam sessions featuring a catalog of musicians including Mike and Joel.

Brad soon moved out on his own, and into a student house with a wild bunch. Upon arriving at Brads new place, the dreary basement with crumbling stone walls was deemed fit to take on night after night of intense jamming. Equipment was loaded in, and the space was appropriately labelled “The bat cave”.

Raised in the neighbouring town of Dundas, the relationship between these four musicians stretches back to grade school where they grew up together. As impressionable youth growing up in the 90’s grunge scene, an admiration for groundbreaking bands and the driving force behind them took over. Rocking out to early Smashing pumpkins, Nirvana, Bush-X, and Marilyn Manson turned their sights toward one day being in that position.

“I can’t remember wanting to do anything other than play blazing electric guitar to huge crowds of people.” (Mike)

When ‘Thehumansideproject’s rehearsal space was moved to Mikes basement, the guys took advantage of unoccupied gear and started to get a feel for playing original material.

“Back then, Mike and Joel were musically occupied with their own band, so when we got together it was nothing but pure improvised jamming.” (Zack)

When ‘Thehumansideproject’ broke up in 2005, Frantic Citys’ space had closed up, and Mikes parents moved out of their house, the open rehearsal spaces were gone and so was the avenue for a creative outlet. While all of them still played on their own, they all went down separate paths. Mike began experimenting with recording software, Zack and Brad enrolled in University, and Joel moved to Ottawa to work as a carpenter. In 2008, feeling the constraint of a life without playing live music, Mike, Zack, and Brad started looking for a spot where they could crank it up and jam out.

By word of mouth, they heard about a rehearsal space in Hamilton called ‘Jamhouse music studio’. The Jamhouse was owned and run by a Hamilton born musician named Tony Furtado. There were many special things about this tall skinny building with a pointy roof that intrigued the guys, but they couldn’t imagine what lie behind the front door. Key figures in the Hamilton\Canadian music scene were coming in and out on a regular basis. Rusty Wilson (Junkhouse), Jack Peddler (Teenage head), and Sonny Del Rio (Saxophone extraordinaire) were among the faces kicking back in the studio daily. “Things started off very strong. I can remember even in the early stages Sonny would burst in while we were playing and join in on the jam with a shaker. Jack even sat in on the drums a few times, that was a real treat for us.” (Mike) As a unit, they were getting tighter and tighter every week, but they were still missing a crucial element..A bass player that could compliment an already lush musical tapestry. Fortunately, luck was on their side when Joel announced he