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South Holland, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

South Holland, Illinois, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Hip Hop Hip Hop


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What makes me different from other artists is that I dont mind being transparent. As Christians, at times, we can feel ashamed of our temptations, failures, and shortcomings, but I have always been the type to communicate these well to people through my music.Meet Will.O, a multi-talented gospel artist that can compose music, play the piano, sing and rap. The son of a singer and a poet, his mother mandated that he join the church youth choir she headed.  However, she did not have to mandate his enthusiasm for musicthat was cultivated intrinsically.A family friend was so moved by the eager youths fervor to learn about music, that she purchased him his first piano and week of piano lessons. Through Will.Os interest in music, he developed a mutually beneficial relationship with his church: the church gained a vibrant and blossoming pianist to back up their powerful voices; in turn, he received the benefit of truly nurturing his musical abilities.  His courageous choice to be transparent ushered in a vulnerability that embraced the constructive critiques from the congregation and his fellow choir members.  Growing up in the church really helped me develop my gift because I had every Sunday to really show what Id been practicing throughout the week. The crowd response would let me know if it was good or not, Will.O explains. Will.Os curiosity didnt stop after learning the piano; he went on to learn how to compose original music via Reason, music production software, and a midi board.  Eventually, he taught himself how to use the software to create music and then record and layer the vocals.  The response from his friends and family was overwhelmingly favorable and he was encouraged to continue his craft.   The official genesis of his gospel career occurred when his pastor allowed him to showcase his talent before entire congregation.  They were amazed! His artistry is driven by life experiences, heartbreak, love stories, loss, gain and everyday living as seen by himself or those closest to him.  His lyrics and melodies are drawn from real emotions and the aspects of life that bring him joy.   He approaches each track with a fearlessness that enables him to take his sound wherever it needs to go to express how he feels.  Above all, the flourishing musician shares that his inspiration is the kingdom.  He adds, Ultimately, being able to do what God has called me to do is the biggest inspiration.  As I work to answer my calling through my everyday life, my talents continue to be driven by a desire to inspire others to pursue their God-appointed destinies.Will.O has come a long way from his start, singing I Believe I Can Fly, a capella, with the church choir.  With an unmatched drive, commitment to his craft and an enduring quest to fulfill Gods will, it is without a doubt that this artist will catapult to the top of the gospel charts!

James Anthony has a list of significant titles that accompany his name.  First and foremost: man of God; then, husband, father, minister, praise and worship leader, scholar, prophet, poet, musician, rapper, writer and producer.  Of those titles, musician, rapper, writer and producer allow him to showcase his natural-born gift to create music. It was as a member of his elementary schools band and choir that James Anthony developed his understanding of music theory.  His instrument of choice was the saxophone.  Playing the saxophone allowed James Anthony to learn how to read sheet music, musical notes, scales and time signatures.  Naturally, when he transitioned to high school, he became a member of the high school band and began to combine his love of music with his knack for writing poetry, which evolved into creating lyrics.Coming from a musically inclined family, James Anthony sees music as an avenue for supreme release.  It enables him to share a substantive part of himself through his experiences and his vision of the world. The ability to release who I am is the main thing, because I feel like if I dont do it, Im selling myself short, he expresses.When it comes to production, he tweaks his music and instrumentation to create a sound that is an audacious and poignant reflection of true originality.  James Anthony shares, I dont try and re-create something Ive heard already. I create authentic sounds that offer a glimpse into my heart and mind. He explains, Sometimes I can be influenced by concepts, sometimes lyrics, sometimes beats, it all depends. The music that is produced through his creative genius is brimming with joyful energy and fosters the ideals of victory, strength and hope.  The goal: to speak life into people through music.  James Anthony is guided by a God-consciousness that seeks to support people in their understanding of who they are in Christ.

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