Jana Fisher

Jana Fisher


Jana Fisher is a 19-year-old alt rock/pop artist whose music combines the heartfelt sensibility of the singer-songwriter with the coolness of the rock musician. Similar artists include Alanis Morissette, Evanescence, Tori Amos, Bjork, and Kelly Clarkson.


Jana Fisher is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter and one-girl band hailing from Bradenton, FL. In November 2007, she released her debut album, A History of Sleepwalking, a collection of alternative rock and pop songs she wrote. She also co-produced the album with Jeremy D. Silverman.

Jana began her music career singing solos in churches at the age of 4. She began taking piano lessons at the age of 6 and has used the piano as the backbone of her music ever since. Her music has branched out and now explores darker and more mature themes very different from her contemporary Christian roots.

Jana has been featured on several podcasts on the Podsafe Music Network and has played at Southeast High School and Stetson University. She is planning a tour with her keyboard in 2008. For more information, visit www.janafisher.com.



Written By: Jana Fisher

Alarm goes off / You hit the snooze / You lie wake wondering if today you’ll have to choose / Between him and your God / You say it’s no contest / It’s an obvious choice / But you must confess / You don’t care the way you once did / You don’t know who you are today / You hide the pain inside / ‘Til the numbness steals it away / You’ve never felt this way / You say that he’s the one / There’s sweetness to the pain he’s caused / But it blocks out the sun / If you don’t see that your heart’s turning to stone / You’ll wake up one day to find yourself alone / You barely feel alive / Can’t you see what you’ve become / This empty shell of a girl / It’s what his love has done.

The Truth

Written By: Jana Fisher

Is it all because I’m happy now / And you’re clueless as to how / To live without me needing you / When I’m the best you’ll ever do / Or is it ‘cause you’ve lied so much / That your falsehoods had become your crutch / And the web you wove was all that clothed / The ugly nakedness that I’ve exposed / I’ll be firm and put myself through this torture / To give you what I know you deserve / And when she sees the truth in your heartless eyes / She’ll regret where her loyalty lies / I thought that you were through denying the truth / And I thought I was done writing about you / But I won’t try to lay the blame / ‘Cause once rumors start, words can’t clear a name / Sure I’ve committed my share of crimes / But I’ve done my penance too many times / So sue me for what I didn’t say / And you’ll be the one who has to pay / Now your sins have been condoned / But that’s what happens when you dethrone / A boy who’s king to everyone else / I never meant to destroy your life / So don’t blame me for your current strife / ‘Cause you destroyed yourself / And when they see the truth in your heartless eyes / They will know that all you can be is a lie.

There is No Goodbye

Written By: Jana Fisher

I stared out my window in pain and regret / Recalling the moments I’d rather forget / The shame and the sorrow of risking it all / And having to live with yourself when you fall / But I wouldn’t go back ‘cause these moments are me now / To live without these scars I wouldn’t know how / ‘Cause triumph and loss both have made this my life / When memories define you, you learn there is no goodbye / Why waste a heartbreak on things that won’t last? / Why love when that person will soon be your past? / Why think you’ve found someone on whom you can depend / When they’ll leave, and you’ll be alone in the end? / But I wouldn’t go back ‘cause these friendships are me now / To live without their scars I wouldn’t know how / ‘Cause heartache and love both have made this my life / When memories define you, you learn there is no goodbye / I’m broken at last / The night is gone / But it was living in the shadows / That let me see the sun / And I wouldn’t go back ‘cause these moments are me now / To live without these scars I wouldn’t know how / ‘Cause heartache and love both have made this my life / When memories define you, you learn there is no goodbye.


Written By: Jana Fisher

But the smell of you on my skin I could have done without / Like the smell of skin he never touched but stripped from the inside out / And all the things that I once loved are now the things I fear / The familiar sound of your voice whispering his words in my ear / Don’t hurt me / Don’t hurt me / Please don’t hurt me / Though years of pain have worn me down and made me old inside / I find myself in a corner like a frightened child / Small, helpless, vulnerable, weakened by his sin / Trapped inside an ugly choice with no hope but to give in / I should have heeded your advice when you told me to stay away from you.

Out of the Fire

Written By: Jana Fisher

You look into the mirror and despise your own face / You see a perfect life seemingly gone to waste / And you wonder if your life is worth the pain / The price you pay in misery for dancing in the flames / But out of the fire / And out of your own ashes / Like a phoenix, you will rise / As gold / Pure and refined / Be careful what you wish for – it may just come true / You wished for him to suffer for what he did not do to you / And instead your skin simmered with the burning of your own hate / But your cocoon cannot hide you from the choice that you must make / And you ask why / Is now the time to fly / But all works for good / It’s okay to be afraid.

Fairy Tale

Written By: Jana Fisher

I watched your eyes grow wide / As you saw my pain for what it was / For so long I’d held it inside / Never again to let it resurface / But you asked to see it once more / To see the curse that’s placed on me / And my heart dropped to the floor / As you considered if we could be / As my knight in shining armor / I need you not to rescue me / From the tallest tower / But to slay the dragon in my heart / I lay awake that night / Thinking this must be a fairy tale / As I try to set things right / You will be proven real if I fail / But I would not ask you to be perfect / That’s the last thing I’d want you to be / I only ask if I am worth it / If after all, our love cannot be / As I stumble in the dark / I have never been more afraid / As I am falling for you.

Innocence Lost

Written By: Jana Fisher

You were the serpent / I was Eve / So young and worthless / Easily deceived / I trusted you though half-truths you’d tell / When saying how you loved me, you meant how you loved yourself / One last trip through paradise / Was it worth the cost / To see through hell with opened eyes / My innocence lost / Why play it safe when you can be free / Such was the poison you offered to me / Feeding the longing which haunts me, it does / Just to die for you though I already was / Would I go back if I were given the chance / Would I risk once more to fall into your hands / There’s no going back now / It’s the price I have paid / But I will refuse you the anger you crave / One last trip through paradise / Not knowing the cost / I saw through hell with opened eyes / My innocence lost / But your love is behind me now / This is what I’ve bought / A second chance, but with the strength of innocence lost.


A History of Sleepwalking - album released November 2007

"There is No Goodbye" played on Yet Another Music Podcast Episode 13, A Vetter Podcast Episode 51, and Wincester Journal Episode 10.

"Numbness" featured on Longtown Sound Episode 274, Radio Orphans Episode 133, and Indie Music Sampler Episode 85.

"Borrowed Time" played on Longtown Sound Episode 269 and Wincester Journal Episode 13.

"Innocence Lost" played on ComPod Episode 81.

"The Truth" played on ComPod Episode 82.

"Fairy Tale" played on ComPod Episode 84.

"Abdicate in the Lines" played on ComPod Episode 85.

"More Than Just a Prodigal" played on ComPod Episode 86.

"Advice" played on ComPod Episode 87.

"Out of the Fire" played on ComPod Episode 88.

"To Hell with Greatness" played on ComPod Episode 90.

Set List

Covers currently include:
"The Scientist" by Coldplay
"My Immortal" by Evanescence
"Winter" and "Silent All These Years" by Tori Amos
"Only Hope" by Mandy Moore
"One of These Days" by Michelle Branch
...and more.

Sets include covers and original songs and typically last 45 minutes to an hour, though the artist is flexible.