Jan Aldridge Clark

Jan Aldridge Clark


An exciting, eclectic mix of jazz and folk. Jan's music is music to groove to while your driving or working out.


Jan's music will hold you spellbound because you've never heard anything like this.The textures and blending of these instruments put you and your mood in a good place.
Jan's a classically trained harpist who received her performance degree from the fabled Indiana University Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana under the tutelage of Susann McDonald. After graduation, Jan headed to California to fine tune her performance abilities at The Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara under Suzanne Balderston. Armed with huge classical chops, she headed south to Los Angeles where she began jazz studies with Carrol McLaughlin at California State University.
While living in California, Jan performed nightly at the The Century City Westin just outside Beverly Hills, and played at celebrity parties. Increasingly, she found herself hanging out at jazz clubs when the gig was over, listening to some of L.A.'s best jazz performers.
Unsatisfied with sitting at the back of the orchestra, Jan headed for Las Vegas, where she performed nightly at the world famous Tropicana. Here, she branched out into folk and jazz styles not done by anyone else.


Anything But Ordinary

Single being played on air: Let's Go to Portoviejo

Set List

Typical set List:
Original tunes from my CD
James Taylor
Led Zeppelin
Jazz standards
My sets are as follows:
play for one hour, take a 10-15 minute break, go back, play for 45 minutes, take 10-15 minute break and so on until gig's over.