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Jana Losey

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Smooth, sultry, sweet vocals over piano/guitar driven adult rock. Comparissons to Natalie Merchant, Joni Mitchell and Sinead O'Connor are common for first time listeners, but they'd be wrong. Peerless guitar stylings, strikingly diferent vocal phrasing, listen again please.......


Voted a "Suggested Artist" By VH-1 Song of the Year Awards!

“I want people to have an ‘altered time’ kind of experience that happens in the theater or a really good movie — the kind where you can forget about what’s going on with you and travel like you’re dreaming.”

For singer/songwriter Jana Losey and her and co-writer/producer Melanie Peters, it’s not just the live performances that have felt dreamlike in recent days. After touring cross-country and moving back to her hometown of Lawrenceville, PA (population 600), Jana and Melanie recorded this labor of love mostly in the house where Jana grew up — the same house that will soon be torn down to accommodate the new highway currently going up in their backyard!

Naturally, that experience played a part in shaping the lyrical themes new songs such as “The Song You Heard.” “Some people have children, and that makes them feel a slice of immortality,” explains Losey. “I have my music to leave behind – my songs are my children, my slice of immortality.”

So how does a Pennsylvania farm girl develop such keen artistic determination? Where did the vision and ambition begin to take root? If every musical path can be traced back to its first few baby steps, you could follow Jana’s back to when she was three.

“Everywhere I went I carried around a small suitcase record player, a jump rope, and a couple 45s. When I found a wiling audience, I would ‘plug’ the jump rope ‘into’ the record player and sing ‘Sugar Sugar’ by The Archies”

When she was growing up, Losey’s exposure to pop culture was limited a bit by the size of her hometown. “Today, everybody from your dentist to your mom is in a band of some sort,” Losey says. “I think it’s great that kids start bands so young now. They have so much more access to music and the world. I was pretty sheltered, and there was some good to that. But I do wish I had started things earlier.”

In her small town, however, learned how to play guitar, piano, flute and tenor saxophone. In college, she studied voice, and minored in photography and dance.

Utilizing those acquired talents to their fullest, Jana spent five years with wacky performance art/theater troupe Squonk Opera. Staging an avante-garde Broadway production, the well-rounded Losey developed a unique talent for delivering the kind of ‘altered time’ experience she hopes her performances will inspire.

“I think my theater experience taught me to think of the show from the audience’s perspective. I think I’m also more open to combinations of music and visuals that might create things people haven’t seen or heard before.”

Those unexpected combinations were first explored on her 2006 debut Bittersweet and subsequent tour. That record, the result of a serendipitous collaboration with partner Melanie Peters, earned a good deal of radio airplay in the northeast, which translated into a devoted following of fans.

“When Melanie and I started to explore writing together, the songs got good really fast,” Losey reflects. “I wanted to share them. I left New York burned out, but with this project, I felt rejuvenated. So I slowly crept back into the business.”

The success of the Bittersweet album encouraged her to begin thinking about how to construct a long-term, sustainable career in music. As a result, she began to take a big-picture view of her life in general and how she could sow the seeds for a long career, and eventually create a permaculture community. That direction inspired her to make changes that affect many aspects of her life on the road.

“My commitment to Permaculture right now is mostly a commitment to considering the environment in everything I do. From office supplies and CD production to food choices, gasoline and motel rooms, I try to make the least amount of impact I can.” Losey’s goal is to use her music, Web site, and touring performances to support and spread the word about environmental sustainability.

In the past year, organic evolution has been evident in Losey’s songwriting process as well. Whereas, Bittersweet was an experiment in writing pop songs that originally were intended to be sold to other artists, Losey describes her new record Blocks as a project that was conceived and structured as an album from the beginning. During the development of Blocks, Losey’s primary goal was to focus on her storytelling.

“I want to not force-feed people an oversimplified lyric, and at the same time, not be so esoteric that my intention is not clear. I always strive to be a better songwriter and I hope the albums played back to back will illustrate that.”

So what’s next for this modern Renaissance woman? “I’m working really hard to make a fan base that is lasting, not following trends,” says Losey. “People who will like the artistic changes I will no doubt go through. We plan to be bi-coastal traveling back and forth between upstate New York and California.”



Written By: Jana Losey/Melanie Peters

Copyright 2006 PoseyTunes (ASCAP)
Performed by Jana Losey


I could drink you under the table – but I think that I already did

What’s say we go back to my place – celebrate the nothing that is

I didn’t know it, and you never showed it –

we lived in a land of make believe

We were just friends, now I can’t believe I want the rules to bend


So let me sing you a song – a song in the key of me

Let me breathe you in and exhale a melody

Let me sing along – you taste me bitter

But underneath it all you start to walk and then you fall

You think I bitter then you saw that underneath it all I’m bittersweet


Do you remember when I was a waitress at that bar on First and Dwight?

I was just waiting, waiting around – for you to light my night

You flew so high, you were a barfly – we lived in a world of nice tries

Midnight mornings, one-night-stands, and here we are



Will you follow me down……

Let’s write ourselves a story about the sum of our parts

We’ll write the end on the first page, write it back from the start

Will you follow me down that road? Will you follow me down?


London Holiday

Written By: Jana Losey/Melanie Peters

Copyright 2006 PoseyTunes (ASCAP)
Performed by Jana Losey


I hear that fame is snowing down somewhere in London

Falling onto stretched out tongues

Sticking to eyelashes and anything that catches

And I hear cash comes raining down springtime in London

Raining onto boyish heads

Into upturned umbrellas and skirts held out to catch it


You can run you can hide, but you cannot push your love aside

Love is in the air

You can jump you can swim, but you cannot begin again

Because you cannot hide your eyes


Now I see flowers blooming – it’s summer in London

The children laughing all day….hold all my calls – I’m on holiday


Snow, Rain, Flowers and Apples…Fame, Cash……



I never thought that I could run so far -- for one whole turn of a season

But then again who needs a reason--- for such a pretty daydream

Messy Little Hapiness

Written By: Jana Losey/Melanie Peters

Messy Little Happiness
Copyright 2006 PoseyTunes (ASCAP)

That was a messy little mood swing –

it’s a little bit hard to shake this impending doom thing

I always think the worst, then get the best

It’s a messy messy happiness but it works for me

I left my pants up on the counter top

You left your shirt in the living room

I left my heart up in the coffee shop where we met this afternoon

CHORUS: I chew up my words and I chew up my men

I grow the skeletons in the closet I tend

There are unwritten rules and I live to defend everything that I’ve done

That was a messy little moment

The one where you saw me bear my heart too soon

I could fall in love with you on this sexy afternoon

But I don’t want you to know

I left my panties on the counter top

You left your pants in the living room

I left my heart up in the coffee shop where we met this afternoon





**"BLOCKS"** Nationaly distributed Sophmore album scheduled for release April Fools Day 2008 - no joke! Major PR and radio campaign beginning January 2008.

**"BITTERSWEEET II" ** Re-released sold-out debut CD with 4 Live Tracks. Available on CDBaby, and iTunes.
Radio Airplay:
Heavy regular rotation in Upstae NY and Central/Northern PA, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.


**"BITTERSWEET"** out-of-print Debut CD sold over 2000 copies across the US.

**"Bittersweet", first single released off of "Bittersweet" CD August 2006

** "Messy Little Happiness"**, second single, college market.

**"London Holiday", b-side to first single, also receiving airplay on AC Stations

**"Blink of an Eye" "(S)He Loves Me", both spinning on internet radio (www.radioioACOUSTIC.com)

Set List

Available for 45 minute sets, up to 3 full hours of original music.
Currently performing as a 2 piece acoustic duo.
Top notch 5 piece band also available.