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"Celebrity Quotes"

From 2005: "Man, where have you been hiding? Jan, you've got a gift, a real gift!" -- Bruce "Cousin Brucie" Morrow, legendary radio personality now on Sirius, and friend through the years to Paul and John. Bruce introduced the Beatles at Shea Stadium in '66 and interviewed them numerous times along with every other rock band of the 60's and beyond.

And in 2007, Mr. Morrow introduced Jan, as such: "You know folks, if John Lennon were alive, and he was here with us tonight, I know he would join me in my praise of this remarkable fellow....Jan Britten Owen!"

When speaking about Roy Orbison and Jan, Bruce said, "Jan performs Roy like he was channeling the man. It's trancendant....And when Jan played for my birthday party a couple of years ago, my wife Jody and I had only one request -- "In Dreams" - which he played brilliantly."

"Hey! This guy is good!! We should get this guy up to sing with us next time!" -- Ringo Starr, former Beatle during CBS Morning show appearance, 2005

"You did a great job on 'Come Go With Me' and I should know!....I'm the guy who did it first!" -- Norman Wright, lead singer of the Del-Vikings

"Jan, you are El Maestro! The Teacher! The Master! You are our star!" -- The owners of the Cavern Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Great job on 'No Matter What' mate! You more than did justice to it!" -- Joey Molland of Badfinger

"You were wonderful! At one point while you were singing, I wanted to come up to the stage and say 'Jan, you passed the audition!'" -- Allan Williams, the man who booked the Beatles at his club, The Jacaranda, and booked them for the Hamburg tours.

"You've got a great voice!" -- Stanley Tucci, actor.

"Cool stuff, Chief!" -- Matt Dillon, actor.

"You're good! Very good!" -- Sid Bernstein, promoter who brought the Beatles to Shea Stadium and Carnegie Hall; manager of The Rascals, and many others. "Did I say that? You're more than good. You're incredible!" -- Sid Bernstein, redux

"I've never heard a voice like that before . . . Not only does Jan Owen do great covers, but he's an artist in his own right!" -- Jimmy Fink, New York DJ, 107.1 The Peak

"I caught your act! You're really good, man!" -- Gary U.S. Bonds, Rock 'n' Roll pioneer

"You don't need a band - you're a band all by yourself!" -- Len Garry, The Quarrymen

"You're a fantastic guitarist!" -- Rod Davis, The Quarrymen

"Jan, play my bass - that's what Paul would do!" -- Will Lee, The Fab Faux & The CBS Late Night Orchestra - The David Letterman Show

"Jan and his music ... works great live! It's so reflective of the great 60's and 70's Beatles and Costello era and is 'hooky' and melodic ... Jan's a solid singer!" -- Valerie Main, A&R, Sparks Entertainment

"I enjoyed listening to your songs. I didn't know ... that I was talking to such a talented guy!" -- Pete Best, original Beatles drummer, who still performs the early Beatles songs and Beatles music worldwide

"You did a great performance! I didn't even know it was you because I was in one of the booths with my back to you and facing the audience. I finally got up to take a look. You had the audience spellbound, and it was great to hear the way you filled in for all the instrumental parts ... particularly 'A Day in the Life,' which may be my favorite Beatles song" -- Larry Kirwan, Black 47 lead singer, songwriter, and novelist

"'The Healing Kind' [one of Jan's original compositions] is the best song ever written." -- Richard X. Heyman, singer/songwriter

"Great guitar playing, man!" -- Sid McGuiness, guitarist for Paul Schaffer's CBS Orchestra, on The David Letterman Show

"You're one super-talented dude, brother!" -- Van Ritshie, DJ, 92.1FM WRNQ

"Jan, you were the star of the show! You were awesome! I still can't believe you played 'A Day in the Life' on a single guitar! I will definitely be in touch about future events." -- Trina Yannicos, editor, Daytrippin' Magazine

"I really enjoyed your show. You nailed those Beatles songs!" -- Bruce Spizer, Beatles scholar and author of "The Beatles Are Coming!" and other tomes about the Beatles music and Beatles songs

"Gee, you're real good!" -- Ron Howard, producer, director, actor and former resident of Mayberry

"Jan - you are a great singer, guitar player and a great person!" -- Javier Parisi of Buenos Aires' great Beatles tribute band, The SearChers

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Streaming: Pat Matthews' Beatles-a-Rama, US-based
Streaming: Beatles and Beyond, UK - based



Influences: Beatles, Kinks, Elvis Costello, Ron Sexsmith, Jackson Browne

Selling point: Covers everything from Beatles to Roy Orbison, and with his orginals, Jan can draw and keep a crowd.

Difference from other bands: You've never seen a solo guitarist play this way - it's rock-n-roll, not strumming and grinning! He'll play entire albums - solo!