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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative




"45 of the Best Up & Coming Rock Bands To Check Out in 2017"

Sometimes we forget music is supposed to be fun. Then a band like j and the 9s comes along and reminds us that music is supposed to fun. That's not to say you shouldn't take them seriously, because you should. Their sound is a wild mix of punk, glam, and rock and roll. Why are they on our list? They're fun. They rock hard. j9 plays the flute. What else do you need in a band? - Jennifer Mandy- Good Deed Seats

"Live Review 2017"

Some glam punk-rock from Brooklyn only scratches the surface of these guys! J9, Kojo and Beatz are a powerhouse of raw, uninhibited rock with the swagger to back it up. Reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux’s vocal range and attention-getting attire, J9 is all over the place and forces you to keep an eye on her. Oh and by the way, she plays the flute like an angel! Kojo and Beatz are solid rhythmically and have some killer riffs. Joining them on this tour is P Dow, who us an awesome guitarist in his own right.  It's Ian Anderson meets Siouxsie & The Banshees with a tinge of No Doubt. Yet another blending of styles transcending generations and rocking you the entire time!"
      - Jason Taylor WSGE 91.7 North Carolina

"j and the 9s: They've Got It. You Want It."

First of all, where has this band been all of our lives? The answer is . . . Brooklyn.

By their own admission, the band is a beast - a very hungry, energetic beast that wants to feed off of your energy. Basically, they want people to come out to their shows. They want to blow your minds with their music.

Their lyrics to "Other Side" say it best, "I've got it. You want it." It's true. You want to hear this band. I haven't been this excited about a band in years.

The lead singer wears a variety of costumes with wings, makeup, wigs. She says that providing a visual escape is part of the puzzle. J9 knows that if she jumps off stage, the band is still rocking, which is the other part of the j and the 9s puzzle.

Everyone plays their part in this band. Everyone participates in songwriting, as well as promoting the band. They have gotten to where they are on their own steam.

The band consists of j9, singer/flute; Frankie Figz, guitar; Kouqj, bassist; and Dagger on drums. This lineup is the one, the powerhouse of all past lineups.

According to the bassist, KouqJ, audiences see j9, then they hear the force of the sound from the band. KouqJ claims that people love the sound and can feel the energy from j9 and the band. J and the 9s have been compared to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Runaways. They describe their sound as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs plus Joan Jett mixed with The Stooges.

As far as signing with a record label, they haven't found the right fit. J and the 9s might not be ready to give up their independence; however, they are not opposed to signing with a small, independent label if they can find the right one.

The band attended SXSW recently, where they played backup for Bumblefoot from Guns N' Roses. J9 said playing at the festival was an incredible experience and they met a lot of new bands that they hope to play shows with soon. Dagger would also like to give a shoutout to Grown Up Avenger Stuff.

Kouqj recommends bringing plenty of sunblock, an umbrella and water, if you come to see them at any outdoor concerts during the upcoming tour season.

If we're lucky, we'll see J and the 9s on the Warped Tour this year. The details haven't been worked out so keep your fingers crossed.

J and the 9s will also have a new album out sometime later this summer. According to Kouqj, who has been mixing the album, it will be kick-ass and badass. I would not expect anything less from this band.

http://www.jandthe9s.com/ - Huffington Post

"j and the 9s a-z challenge"

Yes. This is the my favorite band – maybe of all time. I love this band. I found them while looking for a band that starts with J. Let me tell you, everyone has a band that starts with J, a last name and a number.

I was starting to lose hope. Then I clicked on j and the 9s on Reverbnation.


After listening to their music, I realized that my prayers for the year have been answered. I was totally looking for a band that says, “I like feather boas and punk rock.” Besides all of purple wigs and glitter, they are super talented.

It has been a long time since I’ve liked a band so much. When I was sixteen, I heard Janis Joplin on the radio and was just mesmerized. I had a similar feeling when I heard J and the 9s – completely mesmerized. - chasing destino

"SXSW 2015: 7 Acts You Need To Know Right Now"

Artist Name: J and the 9s
How We Found Them: Walking down a rainy 6th Street
Their Biggest Hit (Right Now): "Ball and Chain"
Our Personal Fav: "The Other Side"
Why We Co-Sign: The lead singer was performing in a green-colored outfit perfect for Halloween in the middle of the street while other bands stayed inside. She belted out power rock tunes as her band bashed their instruments! And they are from Brooklyn!
Where To Find Them: http://www.jandthe9s.com/ - Vibe Magazine


When I was asked by a few members of j and the 9s to attend their opening slot gig at Gramercy Theater, I happily obliged. I first caught them last fall in two fiery performances at CMJ and CBGB and have been hooked since. Since then, they have made huge steps in becoming NYC’s premiere rock band by extensively touring and blowing away the crowds at SXSW this past spring.

I get asked all the time, “What do j and the 9s sound like?” – I then explain that they are a super-hybrid type band, that at one moment will blast your face off with some old fashioned punk-rock, and other times they could be a metal outfit with hair and bodies flying everywhere. In essence, they are just a rock band, one that relies on heavy grooves and straight to the point lyrics to get their message across.

Leading this band of misfits is j9, who likes to play dress up and as usual, came out dressed to kill (folk rock) and wore a red and black outfit complete with a spiked wig and creepy eye makeup. j9 isn’t your typical lead singer, and I usually never say this, if ever, but she is the ultimate triple threat; she can sing her ass off while dancing and looks damn good doing it. j9 also wants you to feel like you are part of the show and spends just as much time in the crowd as on stage. These actions aren’t planned mind you, as the music takes over at some point, her eyes get big, and the next thing you know she’s in the balcony singing to someone or sprawled out on the floor screaming. When she isn’t flying through the crowd or singing, j9 picks up a flute (yes, a fucking flute), which accentuates a few songs in a crazy way.
While j9 does her thing, the next thing you notice is a stud of a bass player, with golden locks that fly around without abandon, in kouqJ. Whether he’s hammering down on his 5 string with his fist, or delicately plucking away, he is a force to be reckoned with and provides the group with a powerful engine. On the left, one of NYC’s best guitarists rages away in Frankie Figz. His workmanlike style is seemingly effortless and sometimes gets lost amongst the madness on-stage but make no mistake; he is a total shredder with licks upon licks and is even known to pull off a ‘behind the neck’ solo. Rounding out the group on drums is the human metronome known as dagger who provides impeccable timing and beastly grooves for the band to work around.
The set clocked in around 30 minutes, but the power of the music made it feel much longer. They played their hits including “Chronic Seducer” and “Revolution,” which had the 50 or so people in attendance head-banging, dancing around, and in some cases; in disbelief at what they were witnessing. The show ended with j9 in near convulsions in the audience while kouqJ was laid out – half off the stage blasting some ridiculous rhythm and all the while, Frankie figz and dagger just smiled at each other. - Pancakes and Whiskey

"Frontwoman and Role Model j9"

J9, of J and the 9s, came to us from a time of original NYC punk when CBGB's wasn’t a clothing store and musicians didn’t follow rules. The tour-de-force punk songstress started the band herself, but her music has gone through an evolution with many ups and downs that have affected and shaped it. Some could say the New York-to-London transition was a factor. Moving back to her hometown of New York inspired her in a big way. The city provokes feelings of aggression. In New York, the highs and lows are amplified, and are extreme. J9 reflects that you’ve got to learn to make your own peace with it.

J9 had been used to working with a lot of low jazz vocals, a very different genre than punk. However, in developing her sound and her identity as a musician, what she created in working with a producer ended up being much more tongue-in-cheek. After making a decision to part ways with the producer, J9 started working independently and auditioning various players, trying to find the right fit. She plays seven instruments, and writes all the songs on her own.

When J9 initially established J and the 9s, she had envisioned it as an all-girl group, but it didn’t work out that way. (Even now, she has a fantasy of a bad-ass School of Rock for girls -- somewhere for them to play outside of the daily struggles they face as women and individuals.) After trying out various players where the chemistry wasn’t quite right (or hadn't enough staying power), Frankie Figz appeared as her diamond in the rough. J9 was glad to have someone to share her creative baby with. Together, the two pack a visual punch, an undeniable presence on stage, and work as a great creative team.

J9 designs and styles all the costumes on her own, and also does her own makeup. No glam team here -- another powerful message to females around the world. The outfits are always based around a wig, and she gets a ton of her materials from both Party City and the Garment District; then she starts cutting and collage-ing materials to her creative desire -- whether it be sparkly fringe or cardboard stars. The costume is never assembled beforehand and is always put on for the first time for the performance, as is the makeup.

The spontaneity of the act itself almost seems ritualistic, and is part of why J9 is not just a musician but a true performance artist. It’s almost as if she helps find herself through the mood; everything occurs in the present. It all manifests itself in her honesty. The process itself seems quite raw, and truth-seeking, and speaks to the idea of staying true to yourself, no matter who you evolve into into each day. Sometimes, who you are changes on a daily basis, and J9 acknowledges this in her performance on stage.

“I never know what it’s about. I don’t come up with a riff and sit with it,” she says. It all comes off the top, and she doesn’t always know what she’s singing about or what place it’s coming from. She improvises on stage, making up words all the time. They are only officially written when she's recording in the studio. The analytical part manifests itself after the creation. The process itself, J9 finds, is primarily contemplative in nature, and is even cathartic. Her character, J9 -- the one that goes on stage and sheds her everyday skin -- is her aggressive alter-ego. Off-stage, the woman herself is a sweetheart, but she explains her transformation into her J9 character like going to the gym pissed off and being able to let it all go, once she’s finally on stage.

People compare J9’s performance -- which is more like a play or a piece in the realm of performance art -- to artists like Lady Gaga. J9 isn’t very familiar with Gaga, but understands the polarizing effect that both of them can have on their audience. She understands that not everyone loves the music, but enjoys the support of a creative community -- just as a true artist who thrives in that energy should.

Although people see alignments with artists like Gaga, J9's creative muses are less contemporary legends; in fact, her biggest influence is Led Zeppelin. Lenny Kravitz, plus Stone Temple Pilots and other ’90s grunge artists, are also inspirations for Figz and J9. J9 is also a huge fan of Jack White -- one of her dream collaborations -- and Karen O, whom she also regards as a muse, and whose wildness & strength have clearly had an influence on her as a frontwoman.

J9 is a talented musician with sparkle fringe and some words of wisdom beyond her years. Everyone should take a page out of her book, and try to be more fearless for a day. - The Bushwick Buzz

"Visiting session of the Vladivostok festival V-ROX"

For those who missed this year's festival patronized by Ilya Lagutenko V-ROX Vladivostok, do not despair. Some foreign visitors can be seen in Moscow, on the stage of "Mumiy Troll Bar", which became "presentation" V-platform ROX. The 26th of August on stage will be the costumed rock n' rollers from brooklyn, j and the 9s, known for their sound, intense behavior on stage, defined costumes and lavish makeup. - Rolling Stone Russia

"CMJ Review"

Friday night for the CMJ Music Marathon was hard to choose which shows I wanted to attend but ended up making the right choice. If you have read any of my articles before, you will know that I’m the punk rock/anything crazy guy at Pancakes And Whiskey and given a choice, will always choose it over most anything else. The Grand Victory was the perfect host for an all female-fronted punk-ish lineup and proved to be a great few hours before the late night shows.

The one reason I came to this showcase was to see J and the 9s, who shocked and awed at CBGB a few weeks ago, and not only did they live up to my expectations - they exceeded them. J and the 9s is a highly tuned, hybrid machine that brings large doses of punk mixed with some metal and good old Rock N’ Roll to form a unique but familiar sound.

Leading the group is the highly creative and absolutely gorgeous J9, who always dresses like a deformed punk super-hero and has an affinity for the rock flute. While she let’s loose with her large range of vocals the band behind her rages away in the form of KouqJ who is fucking animal on the bass, Frankie Figz tends to throw lasers and melts faces on the 6 string and madhouse drummer Ben (who was absent but his fill in didn’t miss a beat.) Stand out songs were “Revolution” and “Love To Be” click the links to see live videos of the night! - Pancakes and Whiskey

"CBGB Fest Review"

The surprise of the night came in the form of J and the 9s, who absolutely shredded their set and melted everyone’s faces off in the process. In essence this group is true punk rock, who would of fit in seamlessly into the original CBGB crowd - but a further look reveals much more as there were metal chords, blues riffs and a fucking flute amidst the madness! J9 who likes to dress up in a different and insane costume for each show could be the bastard child of David Bowie, Patty Smith and Jethro Tull but has a distinct persona of her own that helps this vessel be very unique. In between her yelps, shouts and screams J9 was a non-stop barrage of fleeting movement that was hard to keep up with but was totally entertaining and off the cuff. She spent as much time in the audience and on the floor as she did the stage, and at one point crawled around my legs, not unlike a cat begging for a treat, which I would of gladly obliged.

The band fills out with Ben on the kit who through down nasty fucking beats all night paired perfectly with the pounding bass off KouqJ, who reminded me a bit of the late great Cliff Burton. Frankie Figz completes the foursome with laser like precision on the guitar and even pulled a behind the head move without missing a beat like one of my favorites, Mike McCready. This band is dynamic, it is beyond unique and will go far as long as they stick to their roots. Be sure to watch this video I took to see J9 and company in action. - Pancakes and Whiskey

"all that glitters"

http://issuu.com/veuxmag/docs/issue_14_vol_1_masks p. 22 - veux magazine

"Bumblefoot Dazzles with J and the 9s at SXSW"

Thal was backed by J and the 9s out of Brooklyn, New York, which bills itself as a "costumed flute punk Rock N' Roll band." Frontwoman and flutist J9 told AXS after the performance that the group was able to connect with Bumblefoot through a mutual record-industry friend. J and the 9s will be wrapping up their weekend of SXSW shows Saturday at 1 p.m. at Burnside's Tavern and 6 p.m. at Amped, both located on Austin's famed 6th Street District. - axs.com

"The Frontwomen Performing at Ladypalooza Talk About Playing in Bands That Are Otherwise All Male"

It’s very different. It’s a difference of guys and girls, and it’s just more to the point. But I am a very strong woman. I lead the band. I lead a lot of things in my life. In a way, I have an alpha male kind of a way to me. Maybe that’s why that part of it works.” - The Free Times


J and The 9s are a high-energy punk four-piece out of Brooklyn, putting the garage back into garage rock. - Fly Magazine

"Video Premier: J and the 9s "Revolution""

J and the 9s are known for their raucous and colorful live sets that are in your face. Having seen them perform numerous times now, I consider them one of NYC’s best live bands, so I was happily surprised that a video could project the energy they give in a live setting.

What makes a good love song? Is it the mostly sappy lyrics and usually slow tempo that gets you feeling emo about your ex? Whatever your expectations are, “Revolution” is a love song set amongst driving guitars and a vicious backbeat that touches upon miscommunication between lovers. We all have been in spot where there’s either no communication or too fucking much shouting and strife – either of which can break a couple up.

“Revolution” was filmed and directed by Mike Hadley, who had full creative control over the project. Using live concert footage shot at Warped Fest and tape that was filmed on a scorching hot day in a NYC studio- he creates a speedy visual montage that is fitting for the song. J, who I also affectionately call a “Demented Punk-Rock Pixie,” is a great lead-singer but also brings a visual flair to the party and can be seen with her many costume changes that work perfectly with the graphics.

J and the 9s are a hard working group and that’s good news for the rest of us as they play a bunch of gigs in the area, be sure to catch their next show at Mercury Lounge on 2-20! - Pancakes and Whiskey

"ep review"

Birth is the latest release from the band J and the 9s who just played in Gettysburg recently. I wasn’t lucky enough but *just* lucky enough to see a photo of them from the show. A band fronted by a strong female vocalist and presence has been my thing lately, examples like Bikini Kill, Upset, and just so happens J and the 9s. They fit in that vein so well, loud, fuzzed out in-your-face punk rock; love it. Birth is a wonderful album touching on the roots of punk, and they add a few zingers in there as well with large solos in a few tunes, and catchy riffs. my favorite track is “Pants” mainly because I love a great bass sound, especially fuzzed out bass. It’s really hard to get a great fuzzy bass sound without it losing it’s balls and they nail it. The vocals are strong, up front, loud and just pure raw passion. I’ve got to see this band live, and you all have to listen to this. Damn it’s good. - Ink in Stereo

"live review"

Don't miss a J and the 9s show. A blast to watch as they careen through a set of the purist rock with edgy determination and rolling swagger. J is a model front woman setting the bar for entertainers coming down the pike: Brimming with talent and an engaging effervescent personality, she and the band are what's fun about seeing great Rock n 'Roll bands on their upward trajectory. See a show and say hello. :0) - paul casanova- the rock underground

"j9 feature"

Even the most ardent fan of the punk rock band J and the 9s would not recognize lead vocalist Jeanine Moss as she digs into her salad at Creek and Cave Café in Brooklyn. On stage, she is transformed by costumes ranging from the outlandish to the outrageous. Pink wigs, green wigs, black fishnet stockings, eyebrow glitter, gold masks, black tiaras . . . if you can imagine it, Moss has been there and done that.

Today, however, Moss, sits relaxed with a face devoid of her trademark makeup. As the lights reflect off her short blonde hair and the black retro frames of her specs, it seems odd that her fans hardly ever get to see the beautiful face that has graced many magazine covers. Is the costume a way to disguise her beauty? On the contrary, Moss insists. “I feel myself when I am in costume.” During her performances, she rolls about the stage, leaps off it, and dances with the audience. “The costume makes me feel like a superhero.” Laughing, she gestures to her eyewear, “Right now I feel like Clark Kent!”

Of course, there is more to her than wigs and cosmetics. She plays seven musical instruments; even at the age of nine, she performed as a flutist at Carnegie Hall. After years of experimentation, false starts, and plain old hard work, she formed the band in 2011, naming it J and the 9s – a play on her name, Jeanine. And when you mix one part prodigious musical talent, one part smoldering lyrics, one part churning rhythms, the results are flat-out incendiary.

Her inspiration? She recognizes that much of its source is her perennial frustrations and “love/hate relationship with New York.” She explains that performance is a public catharsis, “a true release for me. I can do whatever I want, dress up however I want, and nobody can say anything about that.” In everything else, she declares, “we are all puppets.” - Asha Mahadevan

"the big mouth presents"

J and the 9s (flamboyant and contagious alt rock) A diva show-woman akin to the likes of Lady Gaga taking testosterone for attitude, yet still sexily mesmerizing, J and the 9s are a hard driven rock band that take the stage, then leave their sweat and karmic imprint long lasting. Not since Alanis Morrisette’s “You Oughta Know” have I felt this much emotion gushing forth. The music that emanates from this flamboyant act is contagious and unpredictable, and sparks the joy of an unexpected gift. They relay songs that stick with you even at the most inopportune times, as you might find yourself humming a J and the 9s tune in the shower or the line at the bank. But what makes this band really memorable is the enormous creative energy that they put into every show.” - the big mouth presents

"nyc music"

“** J and THE 9s RIPPED OUR HEADS OFF last night for the Iggy Pop Copycat night @ Otto's with 'Search and Destroy', just blistering and pummeled and non-stop in one song (and poignant that she sang the lyrics)"..the world's forgotten boy!!" being a strong-ass woman). Did their 2 more Iggy covers and then off with their fastrockaction originals, including perfect dirty guitar and song-bending rhythm section. J 's flair for her outfit theme saw her doing 'blue' this night...intricately creative look and highest energy performance every time.” - brian kelly

"punk punk"

"Oh my gawdd, see, listening to j and the 9s is ONE thing... but seeing them live??
It's a whole nother world. Don't live your life without seeing this band play at least once. :)" - crusty p

"local band review"

“J and the 9s are a religious experience.” - discipline theory

"mmc review 1"

"J and the 9s, best performance of mmc!" - lou plaia, co-founder of reverbnation

"mmc review 2"

"Dynamic, raw, energetic! j and the 9s unleashed the power of rock at our show together at the millennium music conference! catch them live asap!" - Curse of Cassandra

"mmc review 3"

"J and the 9s last night seriously killed it! one of the best live performances i've seen in awhile. these guys did so many things right!" - springwood productions


Still working on that hot first release.



j and the 9s are a hard hitting, glam punk rock experience from brooklyn, new york that breed together rock and roll riffs, the raw sound and agility of punk, lyrical spontaneity, glam visuals, a rock flute, and a very interactive stage show.

often referenced as a mix of some of the most influential rockers of the 70's: led zeppelin, iggy & the stooges, and the runaways,  j and the 9s strip back the beast that music once was: true rock n’ roll that is not so politely thrown at you on a dripping, glittering platter. they have toured both nationally and internationally. 

notable credits: warped tour li 2014, cbgb fest 2014, cmj 2014/15, sxsw 2015-17, russia 2015: moscow and vladivostok (including a performance at the v-rox festival for over 5,000 people), zandari festa: seoul, korea 2016 (and other korean venues),  nyc's most prestigious venues as well as smaller festivals/conferences/venues up and down the east coast and through the midwest. their music video for song "ball and chain" aired on mtv russia, as well as 30 stations throughout the u.s. for 3 months via a reverbnation/bongo boy t.v. opportunity. 2015: they were Bumblefoot's backing band for his only sxsw show, and later in the year shared the stage with Love Psychedelico (Japan), Hani El Khatib, and YB (Korea). 2016: direct support for Mumiy Troll, Russia's most famous rock band.  

their 2nd ep "the terrible twos" will be released in the summer of 2017. 

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