Jane Boxall ~~ Marimba

Jane Boxall ~~ Marimba


***killer technique and inspired musicality*** Drum! magazine, US ***A quintessentially natural performer. . . Incredible presence. Her body sings with movement and pure joy. She bowled [us] over with her musicality and her extramusical capacity to communicate.*** News-Gazette, Champaign IL


1980- Born in Guildford, UK.
1992- Starts to play percussion while at school in Aberdeenshire.
1999- Begins BA in music at the University of York, starts to learn marimba.
2002- Starts MA in percussion performance. Also teaches percussion to students (ages 5-19) in local schools.
2003 - Performs around UK and in Europe with 'Jalapeno' percussion/piano duo.
2004 - Offered a fellowship to study for a percussion doctorate at the University of Illinois (USA) with renowned marimba soloist William Moersch.
2005 - Solo marimba tour of the UK in May takes in London, Manchester, and Sheffield.
2006 - Receives Honorable Mention award in the Krannert Center Debut Artist competition. Plays at Krannert Center twice, and on WEFT 90.1FM, and also during a wedding ceremony. Starts teaching drums and percussion at SkinsnTins Drum Shop (Champaign, Illinois).
2007 - Plays at Springer Cultural Center, Champaign and the spring Boneyard Arts Festival. Becomes a Coe Percussion endorsee and is featured in Drum! Magazine.


'Wood, Water & Land' CD EP released June 14 2007

- radio airplay on WPGU 107.1FM, and WEFT 90.1FM

- 2 tracks stream online at www.myspace.com/janeboxallmarimba

Set List

Set can be anwhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours.

Repertoire includes music from the Americas, Japan, Europe, Australasia, and Africa.

Styles: experimental-classical-alternative-world-folk-pop-avant garde.