Jane Eamon

Jane Eamon


Award winning songwriter targeting mature audiences - sings blues, americana, gospel - great writer.


Ten years, eight songwriting honours and five Okanagan Valley Music Awards later, the woman they now call “The Pastor of Songwriting” in her hometown of Kelowna, BC, has been winning recognition from fans and peers alike as an outstanding practitioner of her craft.

The diverse influences are effortlessly pulled together by Eamon’s voice, an instantly familiar-sounding alto, which at times evokes shades of Tillery, Connie Kaldor, KD Lang and Heather Bishop. She is backed up by an evocative array of acoustic instrumentation that includes guitar, stand-up bass, fiddle, mandolin, pedal steel and a touch of soprano sax.

It’s an impressive repertoire for an artist who quit music more than three decades ago thinking she “wasn’t good enough.”

As it turns out, she’s proved to be more than “good enough.” She’s already earned the enthusiastic support of Roz and (the late) Howard Larman, hosts of Los Angeles’ iconic FolkScene program, and she’s been a featured artist on NPR’s Open Mic. “Blue Madonna,” the title track from Eamon’s 2002 debut CD, placed third in the KADAC Arts Awards and earned an Honourable Mention from the Billboard Song Contest. “Ruckus in the Henhouse,” from A Different Place, a political number inspired by the Vote for Change concert series, earned an Honour Award from both the Great American Song Contest and The Unisong Song Contest and was a finalist in the Mountain Stage Newsong Contest. “Let Time Take Care of the Rest,” from Deep Water, also received an Honourable Mention from the Great American Song Contest. Eamon earned the 2005 Socan Songwriter of the Year award and the Best Female Artist award at the Okanagan Valley Music Awards, and she has been named Best Folk Artist three years running. In addition, her music has been featured on several compilation albums, including “Protest Songs for a Better World” and “Dig Your Roots,” and she was the lead writer of the official Kelowna centennial song.

What’s more, her passion for sharing her gift with others has earned her the title “Pastor of songwriting” in her hometown of Kelowna B.C. (alluding to her dedication to her craft and not to any religious involvement on Eamon’s part). In 2006, she was a finalist for the Angel Award for outstanding contribution to the creative arts and a nominee for the Okanagan Art Award in 2007. Eamon appears frequently in the local media discussing songwriting and is currently putting together a book called “In Their Words".

That unwavering commitment to artistic growth combined with her formidable raw talent makes her one of the most exciting new creative forces on the Canadian songwriting scene.


Hotel Disgrace

Written By: Jane Eamon/Gord Brush

In a fleabag motel
My own private hell
I’m remembering my last night with you
From a bottle I drink
So I don’t have to think
Of the hurtin that I put us through
Time and again
I keep coming down here
Crazy, I know but it’s true
I’m drawn to this place the Hotel Disgrace
With my demons drinking the blues

There’s an old neon sign
Don’t work half the time
But I’m not here to look at the view
The junkies and I
Share a bottle of rye
And we talk about life in this zoo
Time and again I keep coming down here
Don’t know what else I can do
I’m drawn to this place the Hotel Disgrace
With my demons drinking the blues

There’s a stain on the wall
That broadcasts to all
That I’ve been here a time or two
The TV is on
To some marathon
And the bottle is empty too soon
Time and again
I keep coming down here
Maybe I’m looking for clues
Why I’m drawn to this place the Hotel Disgrace
With my demons drinking the blues

It’s coming on dawn
And I’d best be gone
Somehow get out of this tomb
The junkies and I
Say a tearful goodbye
Leave our secrets locked tight in this room
Time and again
I keep coming down here
Don’t know what else I can do
I’m drawn to this place the Hotel Disgrace
With my demons drinking the blues

Arms of the Angel

Written By: Jane Eamon/Roger Gabriel

I walked hand in hand with the devil
Anything I could do to be a rebel
But all I got was a whole mess of trouble

Too many times I bought salvation
Looking for that divine revelation
But all I got was more sin and degradation

Yeah, I was lost, now I’m found
Got my feet firmly planted on that ground
In the arms of an angel safe and sound

Well, I used to do a lot of drinking
Called it my liquid thinking
I didn’t know that I was really sinking

I was lost….

So listen brother to my story
Yeah there is more to life than seeking glory
Just let the good Lord take care of the worry

I was lost….

Salvation for the Street

Written By: Jane Eamon

It’s Sunday morning in the mission
the junkies are asleep
There’s a tiny storefront chapel
That you can barely see
Sister Monica’s the sign says
In letters small and neat
Promising salvation for the street

It ain’t no church with fancy steeple
Just a crudely painted sign
Dusted up with glitter
Saying dance with the divine
And the Lord he will deliver
So come one come all inside
Promising salvation for the street

To every hard line pusher
Every bum down on his luck
Every ragged old streetwalker
Who’s floundering in the muck
It’s the one place all’s forgiven
No one’s trying to make a buck
Promising salvation for the street

The market on the corner
Is all boarded up and spent
The apartments overhead
Now only hookers tend to rent
But Sister Monica’s got the gospel
In a hardened retail tent
Promising salvation for the street

They came to this country
With promise in their eyes
But circumstance and living
Has taught them to survive
They come here every Sunday
Hoping God is still alive
Promising salvation for the street
Yeah they come here every Sunday
Hoping God is still alive
Promising salvation for the street

A Bit of Grace

Written By: Jane Eamon

Well I can say without regrets
I’ve done the best I could
Sometimes I forget
It wasn’t always good
But I won’t beat myself up thinking
Of the maybe and the should
If truth be told, I’ve lived my life
Like I hoped I would

The lovers I have known
Are here in my mind’s eye
Everyone of them a home
Can’t remember why
Is it something in that moment
Caught me as I happened by
I’m wedded to them now
Like a bridegroom to a bride

And I will shout it from the rooftops
Hear me roar for I am here
Sing it to the masses
As I whisper in their ear
Tales and broken sonnets
Just enough to keep them near
I admit it’s the silence that I fear

Keep on keeping on
A little slower every day
Do everything I can
To mould this lump of clay
If that bronze is slow to casting
It’ll break apart someday
And when it does I hope I find
A little bit of grace
If the bronze is slow to casting
It’ll break apart someday
When it does I hope I find
A little bit of grace

Sweet Liberty

Written By: Jane Eamon/Roger Gabriel

It's funny how the music can move me
To tears over how sweet life is
A simple melody gets a hold of me
And I cry at the beauty of the gift

I get caught up in the stress of living
Where everybody wants a piece of me
But when I hear that tune, a good old country croon
I'm lost in the arms of liberty

Sweet liberty, there's nothing like it
The words and the music, for a moment I am free
In that three minutes I am flying
In the arms of that sweet liberty

Sometimes I think those songs were written
With my life my troubles in mind
Well I know it isn't true but still I'm drawn into
The harmony the rythmn and the rhyme

Sweet liberty.....

Nothing matters cause I know that
For a time I lose my fear
I am happy cause everything is clear
It's music that's brought me here

Sweet liberty......

A Piece of Red Clay

Written By: Jane Eamon/Gord Brush

I walked today in the red dirt
Saw the land at its raw birth
And wondered at my worth
In this world
I put my hands on the old stone
Heard the whispering of old souls
Still living and breathing
In this earth

And everything that I’d been thinking
It seemed to disappear
Somehow the spirit
Brought me here

These stones have been shaped
With a patient hand and grace
Every tower changing face
Over years
And in my quest for an answer
I missed what they stand for
But I found myself
Moved to tears

And the staggering thought
Of what they must have seen
It’s hard to explain

I took photos that day
Hoping maybe in that way
I’ll get what they’re
Trying to say to me
And I was blessed by the beauty
And I’ll carry it with me
In this tiny little piece of red clay

The Door is Open

Written By: Jane Eamon/Gord Brush

I put my life away
In boxes on a shelf
Everything I’d used
To define myself
I said goodbye to friends
And the town that I’d known
Stepped out in the world
And left my comfort zone

When I started on this trip
Didn’t know what I would find
With every mile I stripped
Another layer from my mind
Pulling root up after root
Facing down my fear
Following the signs
Until they brought me here

The door is open
It’s long overdue
The door is open
Time to walk on through

I’m seeing for the first time
I haven’t got it yet
Walking on this high wire
Without a safety net
Every habit I hold on to
Only pulls me down
It’s time to say goodbye
To familiar ground

The door is open….

I’m listening to the voices
Spoken in the wind and rain
Holding me so gently
In the eye of this hurricane
Sometimes I’m gonna stumble
And it’s ok to fall
It’s time to be humble
And accept it all….

The door is open..

Under the Big Sky

Written By: Jane Eamon/Gord Brush

It takes a brave man to live on these plains
John Wayne would have loved this
Endless riding the range
Where mountain men prospectors’
Still work their claims
Under the big sky

Wild horses still run here I guess
Like the ones who rode
For the pony express
But now they’re a tour stop
There to impress
Under the big sky

Under the big sky
Can’t help but feel small
And wonder how we got here at all
When the first things you buy
Are a horse and a plough
And hope you make it somehow

It tests the mettle of a man
How much he can bear
When the snow starts a’drifting
And there’s nothing out here
But red rock canyons
And pronghorn deer
Under the big sky

Under the big sky…..

There’s a rusted old truck
By the side of the road
A marker of sorts
Of the land’s heavy load
And the toll that it takes
When you’re looking for gold
Under the big sky


The Blue Madonna(2002)
Tracks receiving radio play - The Blue Madonna, Heartbreak Train, When You Do That Thing You Do, Take My Hand, Edible Love Song, Peace Tonight

A Different Place (2004) Janey Girl Records
All tracks receiving radio play, samples can be heard at www.janeandgord.com.

Deep Water (2006) Janey Girl Records
I Will Fly, Black Wind Blowing, Ain't Gonna Get Wet, Move On Down, One Last Song

Real (2008) Janey Girl Records
Let It Go, The Soldier's Lament, Yellow Moon, I Can't Wait, Friends, Hero, When Darkness Comes

Caught in Time (2010) Janey Girl Records
Arms of the Angel, Salvation for the Street, A Bit of Grace

Set List

Sets are usually 45 minutes. Two sets is a general show. Material mostly original with the odd cover. Heart stirring gospel, old time folk, contemporary songwriter, vocal blues.