Jane Ehrhardt

Jane Ehrhardt


Jane Ehrhardt's 3rd album "A Sleeper's Dream" will be released in March 2011 with distribution across Canada from Outside Music.


Ten years ago, Jane Ehrhardt left her hometown of Moncton, New Brunswick, knowing her destiny lay elsewhere. She found all the beauty, love, and inspiration she was looking for in Quebec City and has lived there ever since. Her time there has been spent with the local poets and performers as well as the many touring Canadian musicians she has housed on their way through town. She has hit the road with the likes of Al Tuck, Petunia, and Bette & Wallet, touring Eastern Canada extensively. She has also toured in France and played at such events as Pop Montreal and Quebec City’s International Folk Festival. She has released 3 albums: The Airs of My Heart (2007), Songs from the Trajectory (2008) and the latest, and quite possibly her best, A Sleeper's Dream, scheduled for release in March 2011 with distribution through Outside Music.


The Airs of my Heart (2007)
Songs from the Trajectory (2008)
A Sleeper's Dream (2011)

Set List

With the band, we have 90 minutes of material, including songs from all three of my albums. Solo shows can be up to 60 minutes.