Janeen Leah

Janeen Leah


Haunting melodic rock with heart in the fight. Dynamic and soulful. Purring and come hither vocals one min... to gut wrenching-in-your-face, the next.


When Janeen released her self-produced debut album, ‘Time is Never Wasted’ in November of 2005, it immediately received glowing reviews and was picked as ‘Best Album of The Year’ by Morley Seaver at antimusic.com.

Known for captivating audiences with her powerful, soulful voice and raw emotion…the stage is where Janeen truly shines. Music Connection said it best; “Leah’s pure, sweet, melodic vocals soared over a perfect blend of instruments as she performed each song, leaving the audience wanting more.” And when compared to iconic female influences throughout pop culture history like Janis Joplin, Music Connection went on to say; “Leah could carry the torch for a new generation of female singers.”

In August of 2009, Janeen took the experience of a lifetime and flew to Bombay, India to record a collaborated album with Bollywood musician, Tushar Parte at Tushar’s request. The album named ‘Some Rhyme Some Reason’ released February 13, 2013 through CD Baby here.

In 2010, Janeen signed with indie label f. Boo! Music in Los Angeles with producer Keven Brennan. In July 2011, the first single with the label, ‘Life Eternal’ was released. An EP release with f. Boo! 'Right In Front Of Me' released January 1, 2013 through CD Baby here and will soon be available through iTunes.

Janeen has 3 records under her belt and is storming the San Francisco live music scene with her dynamic performances.


Like A Fool

Written By: Janeen Leah

Tell me a story if you've got the time
I need something to refresh my mind
It's been awhile since I've been inspired
Dreams of the past have me feeling dead tired

I keep seeing your face in that beautiful place
The last words you said spinning round in my head
I try deny my pain in my pride
But you struck me from behind
When you cast me aside
Feeling dumb and blind
Like a fool
I don't know what to do

Not one to sit around and complain
I am content in the middle of rain
But, now in the mirror is a face I don't recognize
Screaming inside, staring with glazed over eyes


I don't know how this story will end
I only know that it should be pretend
Gotta have faith and get free
Gotta get down on my knees

When in weakness I stare
Like you're standing right there
In front of my eyes
I'm believing in lies
I try to deny my pain in my pride
But you struck me from behind
When you cast me aside
Feeling dumb and blind
Like a fool
I don't know what to do

Rainy Day

Written By: Janeen Leah

Don't mention it, it's over now
You don't have to say sorry now
But don't hesitate when the feeling's here
We don't have to agree

Just stay with me
I'll cheer up your rainy day
Will you give it back?
Or will you throw it away?

You do wrong, I know
It's a weakness you're working on
But don't hesitate when the feeling's here
We don't have to agree


Will you throw it away?


Let This Love Die

Written By: Janeen Leah

In through the night
Like a firefly
So soft and subtle
Sneak in my dreams
Try to deceive
If just a little

Reaching for the sky
It's not enough to fly
Having and still wanting
You're face is there
But, I don't want to care
Leave me alone

And now it's time to get gone
And now it's time to right the wrong

Even though I try and try to let you go
I see you in my mind
And start to rewind
All the memories that leave me blind
Don't want to feel that it was real, want to let you go
Rip me open wide
All withered up inside
It's time to let this love die

Lighting crashes
Only scattered ashes
Of what we used to be
Back on my knees
Time to retreat
Take back the best of me

Don't want to see your face
Wish I could erase
And learn something from this
Try to see the good
If only I could
But, just pain exists


And though with how much I love you
I just want to forget you
I just want to forget you


Show Me The Door

Written By: Janeen Leah

Something's calling me back again
Waited too long
Now I'm here at the end

Don't know what it is, I can't tell
But, I'm about to explode
I wanna yell

I can't stay here no more
Please show me the door

Must get out of here
I don't belong
Something in the air
Feels so wrong

Loosen these chains
Just enough to break free
Oh believe me
A burning within me says...

I can't stay here no more
Please show me the door

A full moon, a crow
A broken radio
Playing 'Let It Be'
Way too slow
And these signs are telling me
I gotta get out of here
Oh I can't ignore
And I won't ignore
Cause it's time for
What's in my heart

I can't stay here no more
Please show me the door

You know what
I'll just find it myself, thank you
Bye bye


Written By: Janeen Leah

I got the news today
I wanna fly away
From the tears
Facing those lost years

Ignorance was bliss
But, life has come to this
I try to stay sane
Through all this pain

Gotta fight
The pull of the rip tide
Keep my head from going under
Stop and wonder....why
I'm swimming in this sea of misery
When all I wanna do is fly

I know that you are near
When I need you, you're here
Like a bright light
In a stormy night
Bitter sweetness fills me up
Why must I drink from this cup
Drowning in doubt
How do I get out?


Oh I know I'll have the strength to get myself out, if I just....fight (chorus)

Life Eternal

Written By: Janeen Leah

The joys of all that's good and new
Rejoice, it could come to you
Living in a world with so much sorrow
There's someone who brings tomorrow

No one likes the thought of fading away
Everybody wants life eternal
What would you be willing to do
If someone said you could...
Have life eternal?

Oh it's not as hard as it may seem
You don't have to search for that magical stream
You just have to open your heart
Cause for you there's a heart that's already broken apart


To be in a place where you are young and perfect
And you hold a perfect love always bound together
Who wants to live forever?



'Right In Front Of Me' - January 2013 EP with f. Boo Music. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/janeenleah1

'Some Rhyme Some Reason' - February 2013 EP, self released. Collaboration EP with Bollywood musician, Tushar Parte http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/leahparte

'Life Eternal' - June 2011 single with f. Boo Music http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/janeenlead

'Time Is Never Wasted' - November 2005 album, self released http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/janeenleah

Radio play on http://www.TheTimeMachine.FM in Maui, Head Case Radio, Butterflies Radio, KGRL

Set List

Rolling In The Deep (Adele cover)
Life Eternal
Like A Fool
Take Me To The River (cover)
Show Me The Door
Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix cover)
Let This Love Die
Rainy Day
If You Love Someone
Supermassive Black Hole (Muse cover)