Jane Lamb

Jane Lamb


Jazz-infused acoustic pop. A little Duncan Sheik, a little Sade, with Zero 7 vocals and Norah Jones piano.


Berklee-schooled Jane Lamb is a singer, pianist, and composer of jazz-infused pop songs. Having played piano since age five, her songs reflect a love for lush chords and layered harmonies. And while her music draws comparisons to many great artists, she has a sound that's all her own.

Jane was born in Ayr, Scotland, and grew up in a house where Steely Dan and Dire Straits ruled the airwaves. It was through listening to these artists that Jane's love for unexpected progressions and great melodies was born. When Jane was 5, she got her first piano and her world changed. Playing solely by ear, she began composing almost immediately, endlessly fascinated by chords and voicings. Jane’s family moved to New England in 1987 and she started taking piano lessons, later passing exams for the Royal Academy of Music in London at age 13. She began performing in various bands with her dad at age 14, playing covers in genres ranging from blues and rock to swing and soul. At 18, playing in the busiest venues throughout New England, one of her bands went into the studio to record an album. At that moment, Jane was hooked on the recording process and started getting work as a session vocalist. Her studio experiences inspired her to attend Berklee College of Music, where she went on to receive her Bachelor's of Music degree in Music Production & Engineering, graduating Cum Laude.

In 2001, Jane entered Billboard Magazine’s 10th Annual Songwriting Contest, a competition that received over 10,000 entries that year. Her song “I’m Still Here” placed 3rd in the Rock category, and she flew to Nashville, TN for the ceremony, where she also received Honorable Mentions in three additional categories for her songs which placed among the top 500 entries.

Having just made the move to Los Angeles, Jane is now playing in local clubs and venues in the LA area.



Written By: Jane Lamb

I've come all this way
And I need just a little bit more than your stare
I'm willing to wait
'Til you break me or give me what's fair

I'll walk on this tightrope
But one glance at your face in the stands
And I'd fall

You might think this is easy
In a costume that seems like disguise
But this armor won't save me
From the doubt and disdain in your eyes

And I'd walk on that tightrope
And I'd swing from the high-rise

I lose my grip, my hands are slipping but
I'll give everything that I've got
I know you think it's over and I'm destined to fail
But I'm not
And though I try to keep them in the words tumble down
They fall out
And fall short.


Written By: Jane Lamb

Take off your shoes and stay a while
Cuz I've got so much more to say
It's late and it's cold outside and the rain is pouring down
And the trains aren't running anyway

The path before me seems unsteady
When the hand I reach for pulls away
You keep saying there's no way out of the storm that's pouring down
But I'll find it anyway

The rules were lost the moment clothes fell gently to the ground
They fell just like my tears and hardly made a sound
I might miss the writing on the heart that I have found
The kind that fades away
But I'll find it anyway

Your faith is running dry but you can have some of mine
If it'll help you make it through the day
You try to keep your distance even though you're holding me close
Well I'll find you anyway

I said I'll find you anyway
You know I'll find you anyway
You know I'll find you anyway


Written By: Jane Lamb

Feed me lies and tell me what I want to hear
Then wait to see just when it takes effect
The dance begins and goes until the small hours
And doesn't end until your needs are met

So dazzle me with prowess and nobility
And tell me of the promise that I've shown
Guarantee how east it's all gonna be
Then send me into battle on my own

I've been overestimated
And I cannot keep up with the pace
Though I know I should have waited
Because somehow I have lost my place

Now survival kicks in full force and so suddenly
It's forced me up a tree and I'm not coming down
Though I'm smart enough to know this ain't what;s mean to be
I see that time's a clock and it has come unwound


I've been overestimated
And I cannot keep up with the pace
Though I know I should have waited
Somehow I have lost my place

So easily I stepped into a world with truth untold
And now I find I just can't be the one they think they know
But with each fleeting day I guess the chance for that has passed
And cuz of what they've done for me my dream are fading fast

So fast, so fast my dreams are fading fast
So fast, so fast, my dreams are fading fast

Set List

Typical set lists of original material span about 40 minutes. Cover material ranges from tunes by Sting and Jimi Hendrix to Jonatha Brooke and Antonio Carlos Jobim.