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Jan’ ell expresses her sultry smooth vocals in a unique style she calls Jazz-Hop. The mixture of genres creates a unique memorable sound and thought provoking lyrics. Once you’ve heard Jan’ ell’s vocal expression and choice beats you will find yourself humming them and wanting to hear more.



Jan'ell is a multi-dimensional performer, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and mother. She expresses her sultry smooth vocals in a unique style she calls Jazz-Hop. The mixture of genres she encompasses creates a unique sound with memorable and thought provoking lyrics. Her musical themes range from deep spiritual truth empowerment to romantic sensuality to politics, while her music combines jazz, hip-hop, Soul and R&B into a smooth, sultry, and seductive blend uniquely her own. Once you've heard Jan’ ell’s vocal expression and choice beats, you will find yourself humming these tunes and wanting to hear more.

July 18, 2008 Clear Channel added “Spit Your Game” http://www.iheartmusic.com/new2/profile_mgmt/index.html to NEW!, which exposes her music to more than 10 MILLION PEOPLE PER MONTH on nearly 500 radio station web sites across the country!

Her debut CD entitled, “Soul Flower- Miscellaneous I” is a 17 song CD plus video is set to be released January 06, 2009. The singer says, "I have waited and prepared for this moment all my life." While putting finishing touches on her CD she is writing and recording new music. Jan'ell took a break from the studio earlier this year to shoot a video for her first single, “Spit Your Game.”

Her talent stood out at the tender age of 5 as the youngest member of her Chicago church choir. As a small child, she used her family and friends as her practice audience, while steadily fine-tuning her musical chops. At the age of 7 Jan' ell's family moved from Chicago, Illinois to Sacramento, California. Jan'ell continued to sing in the children's, junior choir, and later adult choir. She began taking piano lessons by age 6 and later voice lessons. Determined to be a singer, she formed her first singing group in grammar school and other singing and dance groups. "I love to dance, I was always putting together dance and singing groups," she explained. Her grandmother introduced her to gospel music such as: Mahalia Jackson; while Jan' ell's mother introduced her to the sound of Motown, the Clark Sisters, Vanessa bell Armstrong, and the Winans. Her father would later introduce her to jazz big bands, and one of her favorite all time singers is legendary Ella Fitzgerald.

Jan'ell is no stranger to the music industry she started her own label "Choice Entertainment" in 1996 and immediately began recording songs. Her highly anticipated CD Soul Flower Miscellaneous I. which includes hits “Spit your Game", "Let it go Bye", “Follow You Dreams”, “and Krazy” and others were recorded in collaboration with her Family Label NVE (Nite Vision Entertainment). Featured artist are: Vernac, Acethetic, CuTTy Dre, Touch of CAS, and Brova Bey amongst others.

“Spit Your Game, is a fun energetic song like a breath of fresh air with a Jazz-Hop twist. It speaks the truth of the males approach to females and depicts everyday conversations between them. Basically males need to step up their game”! - Jan’ell

Jan’ell has a unique sound with a classic yet modern voice. She has a style all of her own, compared to the late Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Her fans nick named her “Baby Ella” and “Soul Flower”.

She has dedicated her life to helping visually and hearing impaired children. “It is so close to home for me, my son was born both visually and hearing impaired and it was very difficult to afford hearing aides, which insurance doesn’t cover”, she expresses.
Proceeds of “Spit Your Game” Is donated to support children with hearing impairment. Playing this song actually helps to purchase digital hearing aides to a hearing impaired child. Jan’ell relocated to Austin Texas; she is currently performing and doing charity for her son’s school at Texas school for the Deaf. Thank you for supporting my music and a special thanks to KAZI-FM 88.7 “The Voice of Austin” for playing “Spit Your Game”, “Krazy” and “Reminisce”.

*Jan'ell, aka, Soul Flower is a breathe of fresh air to the music industry, an industry in need of visionaries to address life in its different realms with clear and meaningful words and tones, that penetrate the mindset and electrifies the souls!!!! The Chairman (Frank Thomas Williams, author, poet).


Her hit single “Spit Your Game” featuring Vernac & Acethetic have received raved reviews from fans around the world and her fan base is still growing. Her follow up “Krazy” is an energetic song full of expression and truth of struggling lovers. It speaks the truth of how women feel, want and need in a relationship and expresses the feelings and consequences in an imbalanced relationship. It depicts the differences between couples and how relationships can drive you crazy but love prevails. “Radio stations all over the world are playing “Spit Your Game and Krazy” it is a blessing and honor”- Says the singer. Thank you for supporting my music and a special thanks to KAZI-FM 88.7 “The Voice of Austin”, Clear Channel, Germany, France and Podcast radio for playing “Spit Your Game”, “Krazy” and “Reminisce”.

Set List

Set List

1. Reminisce
2. Spit Your Game
3. Mr. Sperm Donor
4. God Bless The Child
5. Krazy
6. I Cheated Myself
7. Last Night
8. Do it Moven
9. Let it go Bye
10. Siete

Cover song's available upon request.