When Janelle starts to sing, her singing is her elevator pitch: She's good, she's fresh. The music is such that you want to actually hear the words that are being expressed. Janelle has the kind of voice that touches your spirit, when you're trying to figure out what just hit you.



The artist known as “Janelle” started singing at the tender age of three. When she was four years old, she stole the show in her kindergarten talent performance with a heart wrenching rendition of Whitney Houston’s, “the Greatest Love of All”. While making the mothers, classmates and teachers cry in her a cappella performance, she then decided that she wanted to be a professional singer.

In many respects, Janelle has always been a natural in the vocal area. Blessed with God given vocals, she has been musically, spiritually, and intellectually challenged to explore her talents and take it to the next level. Her vocal coach of many years Daurie Podensky Shippey, a graduate with a Bachelor and Masters from Julliard, fine tuned Janelle’s vocals. Janelle has perfect pitch, phenomenal breath control and power behind her vocal instrument. This is why Janelle with her five octave range can hold her own within the R&B, Gospel, Classical, and Jazz arena.

Janelle honed her skills as a vocalist singing in church choirs and was invited to sing at numerous locations to include Stanford University, San Jose State University, High School Plays “Godspell” and “Chorus Line” and was an Act-so finalist in Atlanta. Her High School Jazz Choir was built around Janelle’s strong vocals and leadership skills, where she received ‘the Most Inspirational Award.’ She was a member of the exclusive eight voice California State University, Long Beach Jazz ensemble where she graduated in three and a half years cum laude in Rhetorical Communications. Her solos in college performances always generated the buzz, “look for that girl in the future, she’s a star”.

“The Evenings Crowning Glory” was the term applied to this songbird when she let it all flow at the July, 2003 Convention After Party, while serving as an intern at Arista Records. L.A. Reid knew her as the California intern who was forward enough to interview him about the music business, must be that Communications Major in College. P. Diddy passed her and just said “nice“, after her performance. Doing internships at Capitol and Arista Records, Janelle was introduced to the business side of the music industry.

Janelle’s debut project does take her to the next level. Janelle is the vocalist and has written all of the songs for her first CD, entitled “The Vocal Complex,” executive produced by VS Music Group and set to be released in 2006. Look for a lot of noise to be made with sure to be hits “Left and Right”, “Love You Long Time”, “Flashback”, and “All the Way”.

This 22 year old, is an artist to look for in 2006, as she breaks the mold and introduces herself to the music world. A true inspiration, Janelle has dedicated herself to creating music that will stand the test of time. Her future is bright and her vocals timeless. Sit back, relax, and let the music refresh the very essence of your soul.



Set List

Janelle is currently singing in a show with 3 sets of 45 minutes each. She is singing covers ie. jazz, R&B, as well as some of her written songs.