Janelle Nadine

Janelle Nadine

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA

I would have to say that my music is soulful and emotional above all. Every song I write pertains to a particular part of my life and because I sing as well and it is my passion, I am able to put both talents together to make for a true artist with real life artistic abilities.


Janelle Nadine's determination can be described as an unstoppable freight train. This singer/songwriter doesn't take a break and the success she encounters launches her to the next phase in making her vision reality. Janelle grew up surrounded by music. Both her father, grandfather and great grandfather were musicians and she says there were many nights when the live music of her father’s band was the last thing she heard as she went to sleep at night.
The love of music let Janelle to begin writing and singing songs in her early childhood. Her influences span over all genres from Tom Petty, Jimmy Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, Janice Joplin, Lee Scratch Perry, Jodeci, Xscape, SWV, Lauryn Hill and many more.
When it comes to her music Janelle says “I write what I feel and I write about what I’ve been through. It's hard for me to pick a favorite genre or style. I just go with the mood of the moment.”
In 2002, Janelle lost her father who was also her musical mentor. Though she was devastated, the loss pushed her to hustle harder and push more for her goals.
Recording tracks in George Clinton's studio with Steve Boyd was the first step in her journey. With her demo leading the way, she connected with 360 Music Studio as her home based studio in Tallahassee. At 360 Janelle was introduced to powerhouse producers such as Sherm Davis and Skeeter. She also began recording with experienced engineer/producer Gfat who as Janelle notes "raised me in the mic booth". Since then Janelle has worked with producers such as T-Mac (who's worked with "Slim" of 112 and the notorious duo, MJG and 8Ball), Drum Majors ATL (placements with Yung L.A., Shawty Lo, Mullage, Skull Gang, Rich Boy), 706 Hitz, Deejay Dana (Bad Boy South) Marc Beatmonster, Swift Kick Music Group, and many more.
Even with all she’s already done anyone who hears her music knows that this is only the beginning for this talented vocalist.
Janelle Nadine's latest CD "The Gift" hosted by DJ Ferno and DJ Dee can be downloaded here: http://www.limelinx.com/files/a422e2244ff243433b6aa2742aa58f37



Written By: Janelle N. Braun

I told myself I was never gonna fall in love
Now I’m hurting only thinking about us
Every night you stay on my mental
Chant your name along with the tempo
My baby my baby my baby my baby
We can do something right here maybe
Working so hard to get your attention
But it ain’t happening might I mention

Stop drifting away
Baby won’t you stay
We’ll make this evening right
Let’s mend our love tonight

Tonight tonight tonight tonight
But we should call it off if you just want to fight
Baby are we going in the same direction
Cause I just noticed I can’t keep your attention
Don’t leave me tonight baby I’ll be more exciting
You can look into my eyes while I’m riding
Always keep it sexy so you should take a seat
We can put our song on and listen to the beat


Turn off the tv and the cell phone too
Because no one can do it like I do
Don’t forget what we’ll have for a lifetime
If you let loose and prove that your mine
Lately it’s been like I don’t exist
Waiting all day just to get a kiss
Let’s take a second here and redefine a moment
Rekindle the fire and work hard to hold it



"The Gift" 2009
"Pen, Pad, Tattoos & Heelz Volume II" 2010