Janelle Patch

Janelle Patch


Here are some fresh new songs to revitalise your worship experience! Scripture comes alive with these catchy tunes of many different styles to suit church services, solo performances or children's ministry. The songs I have written cover a wide range of topics from forgiveness to the second coming


God started breathing songs into my soul in early 2006. Predominantly, from Scripture, but also ebbing out of my own experiences as I walk with God each day. I hear the songs in my mind - the full band and the church singing - then I write the songs down! I am just an ordinary person whom God is using to encourage and stimulate His people to worship Him and trust Him in their everday lives.



Written By: Janelle Patch


I see a sunset scarlet, like fire burning bright

I watch as tree lined mountains change hue before my sight

I see the little creatures, each with a different form

And each one is uniquely made with a pattern of their own


You are the Great Artist, Your canvas is the world

You sculpture mountains, fashion rivers; make the sun to shine

You are the Great Artist, You fill the sky with stars

You edge the sea with golden sand, Your hand pens each line


I see a field of flowers dressed in royal robes

Each a designer’s masterpiece with every colour known

I see the humble butterfly with clothes so soft and frail

Yet in the paintings on each wing

Your genius is hailed


I see a rainbow forming in a gushing waterfall

And there’s the bird of paradise, his name just says it all

And when I look around the earth at all the nations strong

Your image in each face I see; and this must be my song:


Written By: Janelle Patch


I lie awake, thinking of You

I can hardly wait, until my dream comes true

When I’ll stand before You and You’ll take me in

And I will be forever in Your care


I am Your Bride, ready and waiting

Looking towards that great new Day

I have washed my robe in Your precious blood

And by Your grace “Come in” I’ll hear Your say


A beauty so rare, this ring you have chosen

A promise so fair, the seal you have given

The essence of Your very Self - The Spirit in me

And Your holy Name is written on my face


The plans are in place, by Your perfect grace

All the righteous deeds You’ve set out for me

And when I come to heaven, with door open wide

An inheritance is waiting for me


You’ve prepared a home, a haven of peace

No more sorrow, for crying shall cease

So with this, my certain hope, I am now set free

To serve my Lord with joy, my Master, please

He Gave Me You

Written By: Janelle Patch


I know what it’s like to be alone

I know what it’s like to have darkness in my soul

But you shone His light and dispelled the dark and night

And now, I thank God for you


He gave me you when I needed a friend

Someone to understand and share a smile and stay for a while

He gave me you to show kindness and His tenderness and love

He gave me you, so I thank you


I know what its like to need to say

The hurts I have inside that bring deep dismay

But you heard my cries and spoke words that were wise

And now, I thank God for you


And when I shed the tears you calmed my fears

And now I know that you will say

That when I have a need you’ll always heed

Yes, I know that you will pray


Written By: Janelle Patch


Earth’s desires burn within

But I want to follow you

The flesh is burdensome and weak

But I want to be found true

So I will look into your face

For there alone will I find grace

For victory, yes victory


Victory – over my sin

Victory – yes, power to win

I’ve victory, yes victory

Victory – no enemy

Victory – is over me

Through the cross of Christ I’ve been set free

And I have victory


When I’m walking through the fiery trial

And I’m wincing from the pain

When the storm is raging all around

And I can’t see for the rain

It’s then I’m running to your throne

For there I know when I’m alone

I’ve victory, yes victory

You Give Us Hope

Written By: Janelle Patch


In our lives, things go wrong and it’s hard to sing a song

When in the strivings there just seems no peace

But there’s a glimpse of a new day

When all our tears will be washed away

And all the pain and sorrows will cease


You give us hope when we are down

You make us strong when we are weak

You give us life when we are dead inside our hearts

You give us grace when we have naught

You help us do what we ought

You give us everything we need for life and more

You give us hope, You give us hope

[(last time): You give us hope]


And now that this new hope has come

We share the news with everyone

That in this life we know a deeper joy

His Spirit speaks inside our soul

His forgiveness makes us whole

And we can this new song employ

Here I Am (duration: 3.03)

Written By: Janelle Patch


Here I am, I come before You

Washed and clean, dressed in white robe

Here I stand, You have called me

I’m Your child, I am Your own


I am Your child

You are my Father

Here in this place

Your children gather

Come amongst us

Spirit fall afresh

Teach our hearts anew

As we come to You


We are one, we Your chosen

Bind us now with cords never broken

We confess, we are stumbling

Make our path straight and sure

Bring Your Praises (duration: 2.35)

Written By: Janelle Patch


Great and marvellous are Your works, Lord God Almighty

Just and true are Your ways, O King of saints!

Who shall not fear You, O Lord, and glorify Your Name

For You alone are holy!


Blessing and honour and glory to You

Thanksgiving and power and might be to You

Forever and ever and ever. Amen!

O bring now Your praises to Him!


For all nations shall come

And worship before Your throne

For Your judgements have been made known

So lift up your praises

Yes, lift up your praises to Him!

In the Lord, We are Strong

Written By: Janelle Patch


We are hard pressed, yet never being crushed

We are perplexed, but not in despair

Therefore we do not lose heart

For in the Lord, we are strong


We are persecuted, but not forsaken

We are struck down, but we are not destroyed

Our outward man may be perishing

But in the Lord, we are strong


For our light affliction is for a moment

And working for us an exceeding glory

For we do not look at the things which are seen

For it’s the unseen things that are eternal

V1 (repeated)

We are hard pressed, yet never being crushed

We are perplexed, but not in despair

Therefore we do not lose heart

For in the Lord, for in the Lord

The Voice of the Lord

Written By: Janelle Patch


The voice of the Lord is greater than the thunder

The voice of the Lord is over the seas

The voice of the Lord is majestic and powerful

The voice of God, the King


The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness

The voice of the Lord brings to birth

The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars of Lebanon

The voice of the Lord divides the flames


Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name

Give unto the Lord glory and strength

Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness

And in His temple everyone cry, “Glory!”


The Lord will give strength to His people

The Lord will bless His people with peace

The Lord will give strength to His people

The Lord will bless His people with peace

We’ll Remain (wedding song)

Written By: Janelle Patch


We are gathered here to celebrate what started with a look

And a flutter of the heart, that was from God’s very heart

We are gathered here to celebrate

What God has ordained from the dawn of creation

Man and woman coming together to cleave; to become one


Because He is faithful we’ll remain faithful

Because He is perfect love we’ll show love

Because He rules the world we’ll submit to one another

Because we are wed in Him, we’ll remain in Him


We are gathered here to celebrate the promises we’ve made

To one another, for we’ve made them before Him

And we are gathered here to celebrate

The commandments of the Lord for we know that His commands

Are written in His Word and are for our good; yes, for our good


And in the stormy blast, we’ll fight the fight together with the

Strength that God provides, through His Spirit deep inside

And when you fall I’ll pick you up

And then we’ll run the race together to the end; yes, to the end…