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Janel Munoa

Great Barrington, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Great Barrington, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Rock Alternative




""I don't see how I'll hear a better rock release, major or indie, this year. ""

I don't see how I'll hear a better rock release, major or indie, this year. There's so much depth and passion in this music, and I'm struck by Janel's fire as a writer and singer. This is the first time I've led the reviews section with a self-release indie review; it's that good. - Don Thomason, The Amplifier

""She has an important story to tell.""

The Removal Act has a clean, crisp sound that refreshes the soul.
Janel Munoa happens to be a great lyricist, but she and the band have also given her music a driving life force of its own.
Good rock n roll? It's a simple recipe, really. I have to wonder why it is rarely done this well.
Start with a great singer, fold in a band that knows how to play, add a bunch of great songs, and you've got yourself a hot n spicy pot of rock n roll, baby.
She has an important story to tell, but the message and music become one. The lyrics propel and promote the music, they never stifle it.
Pay attention to Janel Munoa, boys and girls, she knows how to cook a hearty musical stew. She may even end up taking Rock back to the future.
- Tim Null, This Befuddles Universe

""Powerful, dynamic, poignant & rockin'!""

I had heard samples prior to buying the album and I liked what I had heard. But, the samples are only that... samples. They do not do justice to the album as a whole. The production quality is top notch and each song feels like an individual that is still able to be part of a cohesive whole - a tough challenge for any artist. My favorites are Agoraphobia and the opening track, Exhuming Andrew. Well worth the $10 - I will enjoy this for many years to come.
- Reviewer: Franz Hoff

""immense sounds, and distinctive songs""

Formerly knows as Janel Munoa and the Dead Ons, The Removal Act is just putting the finishing touches on their first album with the help of engineer and producer Frank Gryner. Singer/Songwriter Janel Munoa grew up on an isolated Native American Reservation in Temecula, California. Munoa’s incredible vocal ability and songwriting skills create a soulful sound reminiscent of Evanescence’s Amy Lee’s powerful vocals. To make the album (which is named after the controversial Indian Removal Act of 1830), Munoa spent four months isolated with only her mentor (Frank Gryner), trying to make the songwriting process for this album as pure as possible. With immense sounds and distinctive songs, this album can only mean success for The Removal Act. – Michele LaMontagne, Hyperactive Magazine Jan/Feb 2006 - Hyperactive Magazine


Janel Munoa - Howls From Deep in the Woods



I come from one of the tiniest reservations you ever saw. It stands at the edge of a city and lives at the mouth of a spring.

In my youth I would sit on a hilltop just above my grandpa’s land and look out at the thousands of lights from the city just beyond the old highway. And Here my thoughts found their way into the sky. I’d make up stories of what was going on out there in those lights or sometimes I’d just sit there and sing.

When I wasn’t among the oaks and earth, I’d sit in my room writing down all my thoughts and sing to my parent’s old records and my older brother’s mixed tapes. And this was the ground I stood on for my first 20 years. And Here is where I come From.

It came time to leave my youth for the world within the lights, for they seemed to call me from the hilltop all those years. But I soon became lost within all the concrete, for my thoughts could not be heard here. And I remembered the hilltop I had come From was made up of roots and earth and that I’m made up of these same things as well.

And I found that while I was away the lights and the metal and the concrete found their way to the mouth of the spring. And so it seemed right that I should let my roots search the earth for the right place to find their way into the ground.

And Here I chose a path to make sense of all my thoughts and the life I had been writing down for years by putting it all to sound. And then the hope and the vision might be that these songs find their way onto the records and mixed tapes of others and quite possibly sung on other hill tops and then these thoughts might find their way back out into the sky again.

And so I left my fears along the honest earth and walked on, calling out under dark skies for truth among noise built up by other mens thoughts. And I found my own path and on it my song became wild and overgrown as I walked deeper into the unknown. And my mouth and body became unhinged Here and I stared into the face of my own and it spoke all my secrets aloud and at once. And I poured all I had in me out. From mouth to record. And this was how I found my own ways. And I now know no other way than this.

And Here is where I come From. And Here is where I am going. And so Here it stands that my words and voice will have their chance to meet the sky.

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