Jane O Brien

Jane O Brien


Irish singer songwriter Jane O‘B. sings velvet jazz, a spicy mix of jazz and pop with chilled out beats and Irish roots, tempered with the richness and passion of her jazz/folk voice. Her gutsy from-the-heart songs are a wry look at where we are at today. This is cool jazz with a very warm heart


News: Review from the Hamburger Morgenpost 26.06.07. of concert in Stage Club, Hamburg 24.06.07

Moving Irish Jazz-pop with a lot of emotion
Sometimes it is simply good to experience a concert where someone stands on the stage purely for the love of music. Not, because they are attracted by a quick buck, or some girlie thinks that three chords and a seductive smile is enough for a music career. No, simply an evening where the music comes from the soul, touches the audience deeply and gets right under the skin, just like tonight with Jane O'Brien in the Stage Club.

O'Brien, a singer/songwriter from Ireland who has lived in Hamburg for nearly two decades, has gone through a variety of singing and band formations and has now obviously found her own music in a line-up with piano, bass and drums. Thanks certainly to the really good and sensitive musicians, Andreas Guenther, Karsten Koertling and Doerte Schueler, especially Guenther, the man on the grand piano, who time and again surprises with original licks and runs which he nonchalantly throws in.

Jane O'Brien describes her music as "cool Irish pop-jazz with a lot of emotion". And certainly the songs offer a lot more than a couple of pretty melodies decorated with jazz elements. For one thing her little stories take unexpected turns again and again both musically and stylistically, ballads with folk, rock sounds with trip hop leanings. And then there's O'Brien's clear, intense voice, which takes the listener along with it from the very first note. Sometimes even in a small setting love produces really big music.
Hamburger Morning Post 26.06.07

Dublin born singer/songwriter Jane O'Brien has been living and performing in Spain and Germany for many years and has just completed her "debut" album "jane o'brien" with her new band, Dörte Schüler on drums (on the album - Martin Stieber), Carsten Körtling on bass and Andreas Günther on keyboards. This album is already available from CD Baby.com, itunes, and many other download stores and will have it's official German release in September 2007 under the Blue Cat Label, Berlin.

Jane O'Brien is a dymanic and passionate performer with a rich elastic alto voice who sings from the heart and does not hide behind show but bares her soul in both her lyrics and in the emotion she brings to every performance.

Her songs are a snapshot album of her experiences and observations. Songs such as "Banshee" or "Sanctuary" contain the cry and longing of her Irish heritage whereas "I'm never coming back" an answer to telephone terror, “Strawberry Soufflé” a steamy elegy to daytime sex, "My time" or "Peacetime" reveal the raw honesty and guts which is typical of Jane O'Brien. Her roots are firmly based in jazz, folk and pop, but she will delve into other styles to suit a song such as the drum and bass inspired "Blooming".

Jane O'Brien's desire to be a performer springs from a moment back in her hometown, Dublin. Sitting in the front row at the legendary Gavin Friday's Cabaret at the Waterfront Club., looking up at Bono, and other members of U2 and The Hot House Flowers jamming she realised she too belonged on stage and hopped up to join them with an impromptu backing vocal. From then on she was hooked.

1988-90 founder member of the all-women-international a-capella group “Stupendams” in Barcelona, Spain. Performed a wide range of music, from pop to madrigals to swing, at venues and festivals all over northern Spain.

1990 moved to Hamburg, Germany.
Solo jazz singer in the legendary Dennis Swing Club in Hamburg sang with most of the well known jazz musicians in the city including Percy Heath from the visiting Modern Jazz Quartet.

1993 formed the funk/pop duo “A Distant Touch” with the Hungarian guitarist Ferenc Kiss. Wrote, co-produced and performed many songs including "Whales Kiss" written for the Greenpeace anti-whaling campaign and performed at the international convention in Germany in 1994

1995 founded the band traditional Irish folk band “Boreen”with four German/“Irish“ musicians. Wowed audiences big and small all over Germany Until the end of 2001.
1997 produced the CD “Enchanted Ways”.

1995 formed the trip-hop project “S.T.A.R.” with conposer/programmer Uwe Haas.1996 released the CD “Simply Travelling Around Reality” under the PIAS/Freibank label with distribution in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries by Rough Trade.

Since 2000 Jane has had her own band in various formations and has played at a wide variety of venues all around Germany including clubs, festivals and art‘s centres.

In the summer of 2006 she toured Ireland for the first time with her band.


Soul 2 soul 2 soul

Written By: Jane O'Brien


I could live without you, I wouldn’t die without you
I’d still be me without you, I would survive without you
But you, you give me more of what I am
Not like before with other men

My fingers long to touch you
So much I want to tell you
The time has come to trust you
How can you know how much you mean to me

I want to tell you how it is
This is the place I want to be
Soul to soul, soul to soul

You touch me deep inside
No longer do I want to hide
I’ve let you get to know me
I want the you you’ve shown me

This moment’s not forever
We linger here together
I know so much about you
I put my arms around you

Here, here in your arms
I want to tell you how it is
This is the place I want to be
Soul to soul, soul to soul

A Million Eyes

Written By: Jane O'Brien


The cheek of you to try and follow me
On this dark deserted street
I can hear your footsteps coming close behind
You were hiding in the doorway and watching me
I caught a glimpse of you, you tried to catch my eye
And with the ties you wear, I’d never dare to stop and stare
Or care to share a minute of my time with you
Cos it’s my time, my time, my time

A million eyes follow everywhere I go
It’s no surprise round every corner that I know
They lie in wait for a golden opportunity
To pull me down and take away my liberty

The cheek of you to look me up and down
And to spread my name all over town
You’ve been following me for days, yea
Don’t think I don’t see you
I know that you’ve been looking in my window
Seeing what I do when it’s time to close the curtains
It’s early in the evening, and it’s Friday
And it’s my time, my time, my time

What a cheek you had to call me
And you told me you would come
What a cheek you had to bring your friend
And suggest we have some fun
You said I thought you needed cheering up
You said I thought that you were ill
You said you’re always so strung up
And now it’s time to chill
But it’s my time, my time, my time
I close my curtains yea
Pull down the blinds
I lock the windows
And bolt the shutters


Written By: Jane O'Brien


When our time is running out
We hold on tight to what we‚ve got
Like dying blossoms we must let things go
To fade away
They‚ll come again another year
More beautiful, fresh and newly formed
And transient falling, falling in a somersault of joy
Oh joy

We‚re falling in a somersault of joy
We dive into a murky pool
Swim with the goldfish in the mud
The gift of risk and letting go
Returning with riches
Multiplying to the power of ten
The gift of risk and letting go
Surprise, surprise the weightlessness and freedom

Then the banshee took my hand and led me to another land
Across a band of azure sky
To a world where you and I
The friendless and the overworked
Could meet and share a moment so sublime
And timeless falling,
Falling in a somersault of joy
Oh joy

So You Don't Love Me

Written By: Jane O'Brien


Tell me the truth
Give it to me straight
I can take it
Don’t bullshit me any longer

So you don’t love me
I won’t fall apart
This it the start
Of something beautiful for me

Don’t cloud it in hyperbole
Euphemisms what do you want to say
Come on spit it out
Get it off your chest

So you haven’t got the time
Maybe it’s that we don’t rhyme
That’s the bottom line
Baby it’s not a crime

You know it’s fun to watch you squirm
Watch you struggle with those clichés
You know I’ve heard it all before
And more, so there’s the door.

My Sanctuary

Written By: Jane O'Brien


I’m high on the hills, the grass beneath my feet
I’m high on the heather in a fragrance oh so sweet
This morning dawned like any other another troubled day
I felt the city closing in so I made my getaway

And now I’m free, I’ve found my sanctuary

I’ve climbed to the top of the mountain
Cos I’ve come to drink from the brimming fountain
Alone up here in the silence
I’m in a trance or a dizzy dance

And now I’m free, I’ve found my sanctuary

I’m free as a child in my cotton summer dress
I’m free as a bird and I often stop to rest
I feel the wind’s caresses softly on my skin
I stop beside a rippling stream and I jump right in

And now I’m free, I’ve found my sanctuary


Written By: Jane O'Brien


What’s in the air? Do we know or care?
Strange seed floating around
Surrounding our cities abounding and growing
Landing in places without people knowing
Strange flowers, strange fruit
Strange babies, little shoots
Coming up all over town

Blooming all over the world

Alone in the darkness, growing, growing, growing
Hiding in organs, abiding within
Till one day the grim reality, shows up on an ultra sound
A round shape expanding, commanding, our attention
Devouring our tissue, tasting our bone,
At home in our blood, at home in our blood

Cut it out say the doctors or nuke it to death
Or poison our system till there’s not a lot left
Hair falling out and stomach in turmoil
Not to mention the pain
And nobody wants to talk about it


"Jane O'Brien" JANE O’BRIEN 2006
Available from CD Baby and many download stores including itunes
Official German release October 2007 by Blue Cat
Jane O'Brien: Vocals, Bodhrán
Martin Stieber: Drums
Andreas Günther: Fender Rhodes
Karsten Körtling: Bass
"Banshee" and other tracks from this album have had airplay in Ireland and streaming in Germany

"Strawberry Soufflé" JANE O'BRIEN AND BAND 2000

"Simply Travelling Around Reality" S.T.A.R.
Out to Lunch/PIAS, Germany/Rough Trade 1996
Jane O'Brien: Vocals, lyrics and melodies

"Enchanted Ways" BOREEN 1997
Jane O'Brien: Vocals, Bodhrán

Set List

We normally do one or two sets depending on the venue and event, we can play for up to 2 hours, all songs are written by Jane and arranged by Jane and the band.

Our songs are:
Soul 2 Soul
I'm never coming back
Child's play
Full moon's rising
My sanctuary
A million eyes
So you don't love me
Strawberry soufflé
I've got you on my mind
Come to me
Lovers room
Whales' kiss