Jane Plank

Jane Plank


Jane Plank has an eclectic blend of instruments that creates a new sound. Also has been making dance remixes. This music is intimate, expressive and all originals that really showcase a blend between a Sarah Mcglaughlin, Sheryl Crow, The Fray, etc., Cher, Madonna for the Dance remixes.


I have always come for a family of performers. You may have noticed me from my leading role in the original Disney movie "The Mighty Ducks." I was the figure skater that was recruited onto the hockey team. My character's name was Tammy Duncan.
After growing up in the performing arts, I decided to become a music minor in college for voice.
I started righting my own originals and decided it was time to get back out there and perform!
I have performed around the Minneapolis music scene. Some of the places that I have frequented are:The Fine Line and the elite 318 Cafe, Gay Pride 2007, Acadia and others.
People have commended me on the ecclectic instruments that work very well together. I have the ability to capture an audience and keep their attention.


I have had a podcast/stream that went out to over 50,000 listeners of my song Restless. I had ABC feature one of my original songs called Stars and Stripes for the Troops for Memorial Day.
My song Restless also was chosen over 600 international entries for the Music for Life sampler CD. The profits go towards Cancer Research.
I was chosen as a Top Spin Artist/Musician of 2008 for Spin Magazaine.

Set List

I usually do all of my originals. I have an hour and a half show that I am usually performing. I also can do some covers as well.
Annie's Song, I Can't Make you Love me, I Feel the Earth Move, and more.