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Welcome Home To Love

Written By: Jane Roman Pitt

You've only just arrived
The answer to a prayer
But I feel like I've known you forever
I look into your eyes
See myheart reflected there
I'm so glad we'll live this life together

Welcome to the world, welcome home
That's the sky, there's the moon,
Those are stars shining above
I'll show you all I know,
My child, my own
Welcome home to love

Come on, cuddle close
Give in and let sleep win
You'll be exploring with the sunrise
With everything you learn
I'll learn it all again
As I see life unfolding through your eyes


Dance Like The Wind

Written By: Jane Roman Pitt

See how the wind dances the trees
May you go through your life with that strength, with that ease
Standing up tall, go on and sway in the breeze
Dance like the wind

Hear how the wind sings through the trees
May you stay right in tune as the world changes keys
From whisper to roar let your song fly free
Sing like the wind

And the storms will come
And the branches break
But if you move like the trees in the wind
You can give, you can take

Feel how the wind cares for the trees
May you give and take comfort and try to make peace
Love soft and love strong, let love never cease
Care like the wind
Sing like the wind
Dance like the wind