FIDDLEBANJO, with Jane Rothfield & Rick Lee

FIDDLEBANJO, with Jane Rothfield & Rick Lee


Old Time Appalachian music was born in duets: Celtic fiddle (Jane Rothfield) and African banjo (Rick Lee). This duo plays primitive tunes with immense energy, deep understanding, and fascinating improvisation.


FIDDLEBANJO, with Jane Rothfield and Rick Lee

Fiddler Jane Rothfield and 5-string banjo player Rick Lee are masters of their instruments and are both deeply rooted in the traditional music they love from American Old Time and Celtic repertoire.

Both Rick and Jane are powerful instrumentalists and singers. They are weaving a new musical fabric, playing traditional and original tunes and songs that keep the tradition alive and growing!

This duo performs primitive fiddle and banjo duets, the roots of Appalachian music.


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Here are some notes on the Audio files on the EPK:

Grub Springs- This tune comes from a 1939 Library of Congress recording of Earnest Claunch, who learned it from his father.

Bonaparte's Retreat= Great traditional tune with a little twist picked up from a performance by Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham that Jane heard on Prairie Home Companion once!

Jail Break-Garry Harrison. Garry is a great composer of tunes and this tune jumped out at Jane from his CD during a long drive back from the 2005 Rockbridge festival with Susan Sterngold.

Fortune I had it! Great traditional stringband tune.

Girl from West Toronto – A tune made up by our great friend and fabulous musician Nathaniel Ward of Albany NY-he made it up in the front room of Jane's house while she was making dinner in 2006 during an evening of family music and dining.

Indian Neck - Rick Lee, Natick Music, BMI
A descriptive tune. Notes available on request.

National Reel-John Rothfield : J