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The best kept secret in music


"Exposed: Janeska"

Here’s what I would like to see in a female artist, someone that has hot tracks that will make you dance, she must have a passion for her music when she’s performing and being hot wouldn’t hurt…oh wait, I just described Janeska! We’ve been playing her promo CD around the office ever since we received it. What’s hot about this CD? The production is very sweet and there is a good mix of analog and digital sounds. Gliding over each track with grace and ease, Janeska’s vocals are especially sensual on the cut What The Heart Wants. Plus you can’t help but dance when you hear the heart-thumping kick drum on that track. Other stand-out tracks include Highest Of Pain and the very personal sounding On Your Knees, where she says ”I’ve got a song and it’s written about you- If you know who you are then you know this is true…” what a great lyric! It’s about time somebody said that in a song. You’ve got to pick up this album from the 2204 Pepsi Music Challenge Winner, you’ll be glad you did. - UnsignedMusicMag.com

"Review by Michelle M. Wallace"

Janeska clearly has an objective and her path to arrival is as unflinching as her title is bold. In the same manner that her Eastern-tinged beats are pared down to their bare essence, her message is unwavering as she invites you to join her crusade for an endless circle of love and joy. The Objective provides a rhythmic backdrop for her stories of love and loss, caught between a Madonna and Mrs. Federline sandwich.

On "Butterfly Kisses," she manages to escape cliche by way of her delightful and often cinematic images: "One pillow two heads/ One bed two bodies." On "Moonlight," Janeska's catchy, tongue twister lyrics and throaty voice are a clear invite to love solicitously.

Her voice perfectly complements the electronic melodies, as she varies her soft warble from sultry enticements to sharp and playful demands. It is this vocal virtuosity that rises above conventionally synthesized instruments to an otherworldly realm.
- Theowlmag.com

"Review by Jimi Bruce"

Janeska purrs out the music on her first CD [The Objective] This old disco-head's favorite track is "What the Heart Wants" which I would use in the mix at any club. It reminds me of something the recently departed Laura Branigan would sing, but at a slightly faster beat. The title track "The Objective" drives its self-promoting message with a rhythm reminiscent of the theme to an action movie. It is the theme of her motivation to sing. The most interesting song is "Moonlight," a mystical, sexy, far-eastern sounding ballad. "Highest of Pain" is the CD's last original track (the next four are radio edits and remixes), and is for the rocker in you. Pay attention to Janeska's lyrics and you will respect her art all the more for the very open-minded and inclusive thought the obviously went into this project. Janeska is a left-coast looker who has global potential. - About.com

"Review by Mark E. Waterbury"

Janeska shakes up the electronica/dance/pop scene with her debut CD. The objective has never been clearer for this San Francisco singer/songwriter, whose Liz Phair meets Tori Amos voice has a seductive quality that entices you to pay attention to the intelligent lyrics. The backing music pulses with electronic embellishments, but is full of life due to solid instrumentation and a decided effort to do something a bit beyond the ordinary with the songs. - Music Morsels


On Your Knees was getting the most airplay…on 'The Lock-In' and also ‘The Infect'ive Mix Show' aired 55 stations worldwide from AM in the UK to FM in New York and the Far East. - Chris Brophy for Chrisbrophy.co.uk

[The Objective] is solid and Janeska’s voice fits it like a glove. It’s seductive and strong, yet very understated- it surrounds and swirls around you, sometimes in an ambient way (such as “Moonlight”) and sometimes in a more straightforward way (such as the Ace of Base-ish “What the Heart Wants”). The Middle Eastern flavored title track [The Objective] is the main attention grabber here, sounding just enough out of the norm to get you moving if you weren’t already.
– Mark Fisher for 1340mag

Janeska penned the hit single “On Your Knees” that will garner her comparisons to the likes of Gwen Stefani and to the more recent M.I.A. – J. Sin for Smother

[The Objective] Mixing together R and B, Garage, and Electronica influences, the songs are the kind that you could imagine being played on the radio.
– WhisperinHollerin
- Across the world...

"Garageband.com Reviewers"

“Cooler than a black panther on ice…Straight away I felt a Bjork type vibe here” – KevJones from UK

“Goldfrap with a tad of Gwen Stefani” – Cottonhead from Oslo, Norway

“[Moonlight] Original tune, what alternative pop should be right here!” – Nilsprotractor from Canada

“A portishead sort of sound” – SimonScreams from Coxsackie, NY

“I love this [Moonlight], I love the voice and the sequencing. Very creative, sounds kind of like Massive Attack.” – Tammy Raybould from Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

“She sings with attitude, her melody is original, and she's provocative; a sexier Bjork.” – ChessChick from Hudson, New Hampshire

"No Doubt before they sold out...[On Your Knees]
While it's evocative of No Doubt, this track is much more creative and melodically interesting. The lyrics seem very drawn from personal pain, and it shows. This woman's voice is about as engaging as you can get. The electronic influences fit together perfectly."- Bragi from Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Garageband.com

"Review by Veronica Velasquez"

"The Objective" by Bay Area arttist Janeska is sort of like a breakfast bar, full of good stuff, tasty and very quick.

Featuring 10 original songs that gallop through the speakers, the CD is a balanced meal of angry chick-rock and lilting melodies. It's like getting the spastic energy and creativity of Bjork 10 years ago, fused with the logic and vocal virtuosity of Michelle Branch.

The CD, due to released May 18, already has a single, "On Your Knees," making the college radio rounds.

A native of San Francisco, Janeska dubs her music "eclectic, electric, pop." She’s not the typical sex-kitten that so easily titillates half the population. Not that she isn't cute; Janeska possesses the obligatory sexual energy befitting any pop princess, so this is no dried-up, misanthropic Alanis More-Upset.

She's just relating the story of her rocky love life thus far, with a little mockery and wisdom thrown in for good measure. Janeska reflects on her charmed life before she experienced heartbreak.

“I was always a lucky baby,” the Spanish-Filipino-Scotch-Irish singer says. “Whatever I did, I got everything so easy. I was, I was thinking, untouchable. But Boethius had this saying that a man who had fallen had never stood firm. And I fell.”

On “Highest Of Pain”, Janeska illustrates the misery of a lost love. Her vocals are spat out against a background of searing, distorted guitar riffs, almost unrecognizable. It is one of the edgier tunes on the album, loud and heavy.

“On Our Knees” is a sarcastic song about the ever-popular ex-boyfriend trying to worm his way back into her life: “It’s about how you said…you had another place to be, and better things to do. Who do you think you are, coming back right now?”

Obviously, she’s over him now, and his relentless effort to win her back is making her want to retch. The song is punctuated by the chorus “on your knees, “accompanied by sarcastic laughter. The spooky thing about is that at the end of the song she whispers “beg for your life,” Just a guess, but the guy in the song probably isn’t going to score.

Three of the songs are reprised on the CD, presumably for your dancing pleasure. It is a tidy little showcase for the talented young singer, who displays the versatility of her sense of humor, her tender side, and her angrier disposition. The music is bouncy and fresh, going from soft and reflective to aggressive and energetic to suit your mood.

Toward the end some of the songs tend to regress into the pop singers’ equivalent of writer’s block, when the hook line is repeated, over and over, as if the singer herself has already lost interest. The effect can begin to resemble a toddlers’ annoying whine (“ooh, baby, ooh, ooh, baby”) but luckily Janeska’s tunes don’t suffer too tragically from this.

In fact, Janeska doesn’t have to resort to the B-word at all, because she actually has a vast vocabulary to draw from, another thing that immediately sets her apart from the pop pack. Not that pop should ever take itself too seriously, but the fact that her music dares to reach outside of the safety of monosyllabic expression and still rocks is a nice change of pace. It’s good to have an alternative to the Jessica Simpletons of the world.
- The Pioneer

"Flash Report"

>Janeska nominated for Female Artist of the Year 2005 by the 1st Annual UNSIGNED Independent Artist awards

>2004 Winner Pepsi Music Challenge

>#1 at KIAC Internet Radio

>Top 5 Garageband.com

>Top 5 Best Female Vocals, Garageband.com

>Top 30 Recordpoolcharts.com

>2004 Best Dance artist, Musesmuse.com

>2004 Best Dance Track, "On Your Knees", Musesmuse.com

>Janeska music has been selected for presentation by Wide Eye Productions, Inc. (WEP) Brooklyn, NY.

- Janeska.com


"The Objective" is the first EP from Janeska and the first pop single off the album is “On Your Knees” with a Linus Productions dance remix which charted Nationally for 8 weeks.

***WATCH an 8min video-short JANESKA performance***
with Windows Media: (copy link and paste to your browser)
LO-RES: http://www.janeska.com/video/CherryBargignov2005_5MB.wmv
HI-RES: http://www.janeska.com/video/CherryBargignov2005_12MB.wmv

2005 Female Artist of the Year Nominee - 1st Annual UNSIGNED Independent Artist Awards

#1 at KIAC Internet Radio (Sept 2005)

Top 5 at Garageband.com

Top 10 Best Female Vocals "all-time" Garageband.com

Top 30 Recordpoolcharts.com

Winner 2004 Pepsi Music Challenge


Feeling a bit camera shy


Singer-songwriter Janeska calls her music “eclectic-electric-pop” and her combination of commercialism and artistry are leading her to a large and devoted fan base eager to cut their teeth on her original sounds. Whether mocking a past relationship in the pop jam “On Your Knees,” or expressing her inner turmoil against a massive wall of guitars in the hard rocking “Highest Of Pain,” Janeska’s listeners always find a way to identify with her in a manner they can’t accomplish with anyone else. Janeska’s vocal prowess simply defies rational explanation. Her ethereal voice sounds innocent and girlish one moment, sultry and seductive the next, all while pushing and pulling against the beat in a manner that defines a distinctive rhythm no one can duplicate. Her mastery of the English language is evident in her profound and trenchant lyrics; most girls can’t get away with words like “exigency” in their songs and still manage to make it catchy as hell.