Janet Feld

Janet Feld


A sparkling CD…folk-pop of crisp dynamics, succinct thoughts and catchy choruses.


Janet freely admits to having played the glockenspiel in her high school marching band (see below). She performs in clubs and coffeehouses around the country, currently as a solo act and has at times, been part of several different groups. After many years working as a secretary to help subsidize her presence in the folk world (where you can earn hundreds of dollars a year), Janet is now celebrating two years of "all music, all the time". With guitar in hand, she spends her days writing, performing, teaching and in general feeling like she's won the lottery. Janet earned a degree in Psychology at UMass-Amherst and lived in western Massachusetts for several years before settling back in the Boston area in 1994. She teaches guitar privately and at the Club Passim School of Music. She also teaches music to children ages 1½ to 13 years.


Pulling on Strings - 2004
Tick Tock World - 1999
Things that Fall from the Sky - 1994

Set List

Varies dependent upon venue.