Janet Feld

Janet Feld

 Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Bonnie Raitt meets Mary Chapin Carpenter


For many years, singer-songwriter Janet Feld has searched for the right formula to convey her music. In recording her first three albums, she worked with three different producers (one of whom was a Portuguese native she met on a trip to the Azores) and a host of studio musicians.

This time Feld decided to keep things simple. Just voice and guitar, with a touch of piano.

I Met Myself is Feld’s first CD in more than eight years. “I wanted to make a ‘bare bones’ recording, only me singing, playing guitar and piano,” she said. “I recorded the album at home with the goal of creating tracks that sounded and felt great to me.”

The result is a highly sincere, personal work, some of which was inspired by introspection (“I Met Myself” and “Home”) while other songs grew out of love’s unpredictable journey (“Waiting for Love” and “That Kind of Miracle”). Feld also has a sassy, playful side that shows up in “Chi Vampire” and “Welcome to the Funhouse.”

Her most dramatic work on the CD, hands down, is “Rosalie’s Diamonds,” a thoroughly engrossing true story that describes how Feld’s grandmother rescued her family from Nazi-occupied Austria in the late 1930s.

In addition to being a talented songwriter and singer, Feld has a wry sense of humor and is a highly skilled guitarist. She teaches guitar (for advanced, intermediate and beginners) at the prestigious Club Passim School of Music in Cambridge.

Songs from her three previous CDs have been played on radio stations across the country as well as in Brazil, Portugal, Guam, and Latvia. This new album, however, is her favorite.

“Miles Davis once said, ‘Sometimes you have to play for a long time before you sound like yourself,’” Feld recalled. “That's what these songs and this CD feel like to me. And that’s why I chose ‘I Met Myself’ as the title track. I feel it's my most authentic work to date.”

"Wow, you can really rock for an old lady!!"
A 3rd grader


National, international and webstream play from:
1. I Met Myself - 2012
2. Pulling On Strings - 2004
3. Tick Tock World - 1999
4. Things That Fall From the Sky - 1994

Set List

Mostly songs from "Pulling On Strings" plus new songs to be recorded for the next cd