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Janet Lee


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Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics. I've always had fun with writing but I'd like to take it to another level.


Hands On

Written By: Janet Lee

It's been a long time comin'
I've got my hands on you
Now I can do all the things
I've always wanted to do

You're writhing and you're helpless
Baby please don't speak
I wanna show you passion
And I'm gonna make you weak

Gonna do these things to you
That I've always wanted to do
Gonna blow your mind gonna drive you wild
Show you things you never knew

I've needed you and wanted this
Too long I've been alone
No words are necessary
If you like it, baby, moan

Wanna wrap your arms around me
Baby I can tell
If lust like this is evil
I'm gonna ride you straight to hell

Repeat chorus