jane woodman

jane woodman

 San Francisco, California, USA

I play solo with live vocals, guitar and pedals with video. Dark secret vocals and textural guitars are reminiscent of the dreampop/shoegaze sounds of my bloody valentine, cocteau twins, & M83.


San Francisco DIY artist Jane Woodman cites the Smiths’ Johnny Marr as one of her favorite guitarists, although her influences remain vast (Zola Jesus, M83, Breeders). Her collaborations include avant cellist Zoë Keating, producer/electro beat percussionist PC Muñoz, and various electronic musicians/producers. Embracing the songwriting approach to beats, electronics, guitar lines, and noise over an industrial rhythm bed, the lyrics reach out with a darkly romantic and at times political message that only becomes more meaningful as the song progresses. On her first solo tour with pedals, video and live guitar and vocals, you'll experience a wall of sonic intensity that will transfix your venue. Runtime is approximately 45-50 minutes.


Poéme Èlectronique
Black Forest