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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Hot Peppa EP - L J (EP Review)"

A double EP from 2 different artists – a kinda nice idea. L J and Frisco Fresh have joined forces to bring you ‘Hot Peppa’ and ‘Fresh as F**k’.

L J does his thing first with the ever-evolving guitar-led ‘Warming Up’ - a great rap track that would only benefit from a more vivacious and imaginative chorus. He closes his bit with the excellent (and also guitar-y) ‘Janglish Boy’ – the tale of how he moved from Jamaica to Britain. In between you get the dope Indian-flavoured ‘Pain Relief’ and the original (topic wise) and quite Nu-Metal ‘O.N.L.I.N.E.’ – a good first EP for sure.

Frisco Fresh then steps up to bring the ruckus and with ‘Tears In The Sky’ he brings that epic-ness last heard on ‘Judgement Day’ by The Thunderclaps. Frisco’s side is also musically diverse (bit of Jazz, bit of Grime) which keeps things engaging. ‘Deeper’ features a heartfelt Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque acoustic backdrop as Frisco laments his past. ‘No!’ features L J – both MCs get live on this hectic production.

Link: http://www.certifiedbanger.co.uk/2009/11/hot-peppa-l-j-ep-review.html - Certified Banger - http://www.certifiedbanger.co.uk


L J / Frisco Fresh
"Hot Peppa EP / Fresh As F**k EP"
From January 4th 2010 available for streaming on Last.fm
Online store: http://ljmusic.bandcamp.com

SouTHErn Suspects
"Beat Robbers Vol. 1 Mixtape"
Hosted by DJ Lyke

SouTHErn Suspects
"1st Coming"
Strong radio support for tracks taken from this release such as "Hoodies & Hats".

SouTHErn Suspects
"Right Here Right Now Mixtape"



January 2010

L J was born in Jamaica and came to SE London as a youngster. He has been rapping ever since he started doing mixtapes with Silable (known as Rukus then) back in the late 90s. He was hooked on hip-hop growing up in London so was only a matter of time before he started rapping.

Former member of unsigned hip-hop group SouTHErn Suspects, he is now back in London after returning from Brighton where he was based for 7 years and is now pursuing his own solo projects. The group was formed in the summer of 2002. Members included Nemma, KingPin, Silable, Linx, DJ OffKey, Si-Fi and Hugo. From the group's humble beginnings performing at Sussex University's culture show to performing at BBC 1Xtra's Hip-Hop Weekender, the group achieved many things as an independent unit. The group shared the stage with the likes of Blade, Roots Manuva and Chester P to name a few. The group also made regular appearances at Brighton Hip-Hop Festival which is now known as Rising Styles.

2004 saw the group’s first big break when they headlined Brighton University’s Freshers Ball on a bill which included 1Xtra’s Rampage. SouTHErn Suspects never looked back after that show. The group then started working with the BBC Roots Project in Brighton headed up by Sarah Lee and Phil Jackson. During the World Cup football finals in 2006 the group did a live session for Phil Jackson’s radio show with a 3 piece band. The project also secured bookings such as Brighton Live and other festivals.

In 2006, “1st Coming Mixtape” was released which featured appearances by Legs MC, Tec Diesel, Akin Davies and Merve Gursoy as well as guest production by Show N Prove, DJ U.C (G.R.I.N.D. Clothing) and Sovereign. The release also included “Hoodies & Hats” produced by David Richtor which was a big hit especially at live shows and received radio support. “Late Nite” produced by KingPin and was L J’s first solo track, inspired by a stop and search incident in Brighton and received strong support also.

July 2008 “DJ Lyke presents Beat Robbers Vol 1” was released during the Rising Styles festival and featured the singing of Lorena Wright. This release was a selection of hit records such as “Break The Ice” and “Lollipop” refixed by L J, Silable and Nemma.

Summer 2008 also saw the group land big festival gigs including The Great Escape alongside Beardy Man and Beachdown on the BBC stage. However, the group disbanded in February 2009 as individuals wanted to pursue their own music.

L J is currently promoting his “Hot Peppa EP” which was released October 2009 as a joint release with East Grinstead MC Frisco Fresh’s “Fresh As F**k EP”. The joint release features production by KingPin and Brighton based producer AWAX. L J displays his diversity with an offering of hip-hop, punk rock and reggae. Tracks such as “O.N.L.I.N.E.” and “Janglish Boy” have made some impact since the release.

The EP is available at http://ljmusic.bandcamp.com as a digital download or CD. Also check him out on http://www.myspace.com/peppamill.
L J is available for bookings, for more information contact mobile +44 (0) 7508 777982. Email address is Ljonline247@gmail.com.


Hot Peppa EP / Fresh As F**k EP (Press - October 2009)

KingPin presents the joint release of L J’s "Hot Peppa EP" and Frisco Fresh’s "Fresh As F**k EP". Thirteen tracks, two contrasting styles and heavy-weight production, this release is a must for all who appreciate Hip Hop. London based L J crossed paths with East Grinstead’s Frisco Fresh after a gig at The Jamm (Brixton) back in July 2007 and the rest as they say is history.

Since then, both artists collaborated and worked intensively with KingPin on individual projects plus others such as Sunday Sessions UK (The Sessioneerz) and SouTHErn Suspects which KingPin and L J were members of. With KingPin producing 10 tracks on both EPs which also features production from Brighton’s very own AWAX and a guest appearance by Silable (formerly of SouTHErn Suspects), it made perfect sense for the joint release.

From L J’s laid back delivery and style to Frisco Fresh’s in your face lyrical onslaught, this release is full of variety and quality. The reggae inspired Janglish Boy by L J to Frisco Fresh’s thought provoking Deeper, both MCs display their creativity and originality. Plus, both artists demonstrate they’re comfortable working with other genres as there is an infusion of Hip Hop and Punk Rock on both EPs.


£5.49 incl. P&P UK / £6.49 P&P International

Digital Download
59p per track / £4.99 for the full release

For more information and booking details regarding L J and Frisco Fresh, contact L J:

+44 (0) 7508 777982

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