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Still working on that hot first release.



About Me & The Music I Choose:

My lifetime in the DJ world started from humble beginnings like for many when it comes to dance music...

After dis-liking most of the music I heard through-out early High School years, I started to listen to Rock and many kinds of Metal (Eg System of a Down, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, Rob Zombie)...

By Year 11, I had progressed to Black Metal (Eg Dimmu Borgir) as I enjoyed a double-kick drum & fast paced timing... Strangely enough as I started Year 12 electronic music from the 80's with its elements of the Kick Drum & Hard-Synthesis styles became a focus for my interest in music structure and what has taken place in the transition between Magnetic Tape Cutting and Sampling in Recording Studios to simply requiring a Drum Machine, Hard-Synth and Computer..

This combination of synthesis & instruments came to be what I was looking for regarding a feel for music... And after meeting enough Friends Thru Friends I came to be in the world of Psytrance... After a number of mis-fit adventures in the country I came to hear an "Infected Mushroom" track called "I Wish" Remixed by a Artists by the name of "Skazi"... This was my first ever taste of Psy and slowly progressed in collecting albums and tracks in the early years...

The First Psytrance Artists that influenced me to continue my adventure in Psytrance were:

- Infected Mushroom
- Skazi
- Astral Projection
- Raja Ram
- Hallucinogen
- Astrix
- Juno Reactor
- Alien Project
- Laughing Buddha

After a year or so of exploring Psytrance independently I was fortunate to meet Alex, the owner of UP Records in 2008; on once again another of my mis-fit adventures, and over time came to know some of the most Professional International Producers I have even known within the entire period I have known the label...

Its with the crew at UP records that I have learnt almost everything I understand to this day regarding Psychedelic-Trance & Progressive Dance Music in general...

The Producers who currently influence my Psytrance drive are:

-Positive Thought
-Tristan Boyle
-One Tasty Morsel
-Lost Keys

Many More...