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"Album Review"

Janice Doll are a dynamic (4) piece band that hail from Brazil. The band unpretentiously boast a really fresh sound of classic brit pop tones with a quality electro crossover that is reminiscent of Muse from the UK. Hooky vocal melodies coupled with hard edge guitar based production combine to create one of the freshest sounds I have heard from an original band in a very long time. The bands debut album, "Silent Seasons" is an eclectic mix of UK based rock with that all important European influence.

The first video for the single, "London Please" is centred around the killer doll sequence in the classic De Laurentis 60's parody of Barbarella "Queen if the Galaxy" starring Jane Fonda. Clearances for use of the footage have already been secured and the band will be superimposed behind the scene as if they are playing the song live on the ice-scape in the background.

Their My Space profile is gaining greater popularity every day and you can also check them out here: http://www.iacmusic.com/janicedoll. They also have just struck an alliance with the popular Muzic Community site in the UK and the band have a streaming page with charts, fans, bios, pics and videos at: http://www.the-muzic.com/janicedoll.
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"Janice Doll Delivers"

Janice Doll - Silent Seasons
- “Silent Seasons,” from Janice Doll, is a lyrical release by a band that demolishes the barriers between the alternative, rock and pop genres. Singer/songwriter Paul Hodel conceived of forming a musical group in 2002 and the resulting quartet is Leo Krieger on bass, Frank Martins on guitars and Fabio Krieger on drums. Their song “Fall Apart” from their first album, “No Second Thoughts,” was huge on YouTube, garnering more than 100,000 views within the first month thus bringing their music to the masses.

“London Please” begins with deep and specific guitar strumming along with wicked fast drum work that goes up and down in its timbre. The vocalist goes on to explain how thin-skinned he thinks he is while portraying himself in a less than flattering light. “I have no more feelings…Nobody knows…I have no brain.” The imagery that this song presents could be considered depressing.

On “Autumn on Fire” there is darker guitar work, making the song one that could be heard during a thriller as the predator makes his or her approach. Then a rocking vibe takes over, along with pulsating drum play, as the vocalist croons confusing metaphors. “My pleasure meets the floor…Whatever you have to say.”

Janice Doll’s “Silent Seasons” is an album from a band whose influences range from the Smashing Pumpkins to Nirvana, and yet the band manages to conjure up their own unique musical thoughts. By splashing multiple genres together, “Silent Seasons” is a record that seems set to make significant fanfare in the music industry.

Reviewer: Sari N, Kent

Reviewer's Rating: 8.5
Reader's Rating: 10.00
Reader's Votes: 4 - The Celebrity Cafe


No second thoughts EP
Walking in the third floor EP
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Every now and then, a musical unit comes together out of the blue for all the right reasons. A need for quality expression in the universal language that breaks down all barriers on all fronts is music today and this dynamic (4) piece from Brazil have it all and more. Best of all these guys have done the hard yards and worked their local market to build a solid story that sets them up along with their extensive fan base to go to the next level along with an international management team that truly believe in their craft.

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. As a student in a Canadian school, Paul Hodel (singer/songwriter) met a lot of great bands that gave him inertial motivation to write songs and to think about creating a band. In 2002, when he returned to Brazil with a home computer and an acoustic guitar, he gave birth to the first demo with strong grunge influences. When he met Leo Krieger (bass) and gave him a copy, they decided to start the band. One year later, Frank Martins (guitars) joined the band, and Leo invited Fabio Krieger (drums), his brother, to finally complete the Janice Doll quartet.

Their first EP "No Second Thoughts" was released in late 2005 and came with plenty of energy and was not enough, the song "Fall Apart" hit more than 119,000 views in the first six months on Youtube Website. With a huge tour, they transformed the songs into an electrical strong crazy performance, always leaving the crowd with a really great impression and yearning for more. Increasing their fan-base was natural, and they began to command great respect in the underground scene. One year later, they come out with their second EP "Walking in the Third Floor", bringing a great range of impressions and evident maturity to their audience.

Janice Doll's music fuses influences from Smashing Pumpkins, Muse to Nirvana and then adds a modern touch without any electronic samples. Crafting an intense vocal melody, power guitars, drums with a strong punch and a creative bass gives Janice Doll a special sonority that sometimes makes you remember a lot of different things, or nothing at all.

Paul Hodel, used to be a computer programmer, exploring the benefits of the Internet and giving Janice Doll a little bit of the world, made the results arrived swiftly. Through the magic of Myspace, they met Michael A Puskas, Astral Records / DEAD Famous Artists CEO, with whom they have now signed a management contract. Two weeks later, Janice Doll was chosen to provide music cues for the new TV Series, "Callabar Stone Age Warrior", which is slated for production in the latter half of 2007. DEAD Famous is already looking into the lucrative world of film, television and advertising placement and licensing opportunities for the bands material and have recently hooked them up with Music Supervisor (US), Song Catalog (Canada), Blue Buddha Entertainment (US), Pump Audio (US) and 444 Music Placement (UK) among others.

Janice Doll will take part in three compilations around the world with the song "London Please" in "Stay in the Box Volume I" Matchbox Records/UK, "RPMB" Rollapedra Records/BR, and "Dead Famous" Astral Records/AUS. Their debut album "Silent Seasons" a promising eclectic mix album with UK based rock and that all-important European influence will be release by Astral Records. They are currently working on their second album and the first worldwide tour will be coming soon.