Janice Martin - A Gershwin Fantasy

Janice Martin - A Gershwin Fantasy

 New York City, New York, USA

A Gershwin Fantasy is a 90-minute Symphony pops show, based on the music of George Gershwin, and brilliantly re-imagined for the virtuosity of quadruple-threat Janice Martin. This S'Wonderful show breaks all the rules in a kaleidoscopic mix of musical styles, characters, humor and illusion.


In “A Gershwin Fantasy” the music of Gershwin is portrayed through a fantasy of different characters and genres played by multi-talented Janice Martin. In the course of the evening, Janice sings, dances modern and aerial dance (aerial hoop and trapeze included in Aerial show only), performs multiple costume changes all of which support her performance of different instruments including acoustic violin, electric violin, piano, guitar, and Erhu, all accompanied by a talented band.

Set List

* 1 – Introduction in Blue (AERIAL)
2 – Getting it All Started (Prelude One)
3 – The Lad I Love ("The Man I Love")
4 – Janis & Janisse (Let's Call The Whole Thing Off)
5 – Fascinating Rhythm(s)
6 – Rhythm, Music and My Man ("I Got Rhythm")
* 7 – S'Wingin', Singin' & Stringin' (S'Wonderful) (3:30) (AERIAL)
8 – Sax and the Single Violin (Prelude Concertante Two)
9 – A Riotous Conclusion (Prelude Concertante Three)
10 – Of Thee I Sing / Anthem

* 11 – Summertime (in the East) (AERIAL)
12 – Bess You Is My Woman Now
13 – My Man’s Gone Now
14 – It Ain’t Necessarily So
15 – They Can’t Take That Away From Me
* 16 – Rhapsody in Blue (Finale and AERIAL)

* - AERIAL NUMBERS for Aerial show