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The best kept secret in music


"The Color Within Me: AVREV.com"

This debut album is fresh and invigorating. Robinsons’ skills as a singer / songwriter are well demonstrated. The album is comprised of ten personal songs. They socially aware and presented in Robinsons’ own personal style that mixes rock, funk and gospel.

The album opens with an edgy "Nothing I Would Change," a brief autobiographical piece set to a rock beat with a touch of funk. The album continues to unfold with stories from Robinsons’ life, touching upon themes of love, race and self-reliance. Robinson uses a wide range of vocal talents from the melodic "Search For Love" and " Color Within Me" to the faster paced, gospel influenced "It Really Don’t Matter." The lyrics are as gripping and the music they are set to.

The sonics of the album are surprisingly good. Robinsons’ vocals are clean, and have a strong presence. The imaging is much better than average, the recording captures the soundstage fairly well. On "It Really Don’t Matter" the gospel choir is presented well as it backs up Robinsons’ fiery vocals. I recommend this album and I will be keeping my eyes open for the next one from Janice Robinson.
- Brian Kahn

"Janice Robinson: The Color Within Me"

Best known for her vocals on the 1994 Livin’ Joy house anthem "Dreamer," New Jersey native Janice Robinson has moved toward straightforward pop-rock for her debut, The Color Within Me. With its mostly upbeat lyrics and funky rhythms, Robinson’s music is as sunny as, say, Tori’s is dark. But that’s not to say she doesn’t have an edge. Robinson’s no victim, and even the songs with darker topics, like "Search for Love" with its drug-addiction theme, manage to embrace a coda of self-reliance and resilience. The album’s centerpiece, "Nothing I Would Change," is a rundown of Robinson’s own life experiences, with a focus on her ever-changing musical tastes. An anthem to self, the song rises to a fever pitch over snappy percussion and urgent guitars. - Nicole Pensiero

"Critic's Review: 4 Stars"

Perhaps because she played with various groups for years before making her mark in Europe with Livin' Joy's "Dreamer" in 1994-95, Janice Robinson is not your standard R&B singer. In fact, it would be more accurate to think of her as a rock singer-songwriter. She has assembled a backup band that includes rock veterans like Jim Keltner and Waddy Wachtel and even gotten a wonderful slide guitar performance from Ry Cooder on "Sleeping In The Playground." "Nothing I Would Change" is the autobiographical statement that leads things off, and Robinson remains self-referential in her lyrics. She doesn't really have much to say beyond telling her own, brief story, but she is passionate about that, from the bittersweet hometown reunion of "Dead End Girl" to the memory of racial slurs in "Gracefully Gliding." "Who cares if I'm black or white," she asks on the title track, and she explores miscegenation with an integrationist's fervor in the album closer, "It Really Don't Matter." Those are nervy sentiments at a time when popular music remains as polarized as society at large, and they may make her album difficult to market. But this is an auspicious debut by a talented singer who is also a promising writer. - William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

"Dreamer: It's Magic"

Clearly among the most beautifully composed and intensely emotional dance tracks ever written. Livin' Joy's "Dreamer" tells the story of a woman who's just beginning to realize her inner-beauty and magic, but is hesitant to share it with a world that may reject her. She is, as the song unveils, a dreamer. The hook, coupled with the incredibly soulful and at times heart-breaking vocals, make the track a must-have for anyone who feels happy... but ultimately isolated among the masses. A wonderful, wonderful song that's provided so much joy to my life... and hopefully your's too.
- Amazon.com


1994: Children (Singer/Songwriter)
Planet Four Communications

1995: Sweetest Day of May - Joe T. Vannelli (Singer/Songwriter)
Positiva Records

1995: Dreamer - Livin' Joy (Singer/Songwriter)
MCA/Universal Music Group

1997: Earthbeat (Singer/Songwriter)
Manifesto Records/Universal Music Group

1999: Nothing I Would Change (Singer/Songwriter)
Warner Brother Records


1999: The Color Within Me
Warner Brother Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


After graduating college, she moved to Italy landing work with several top Italian producers, wrote and sang the #1 Classic Dance Anthem “Dreamer” under the group name Livin’ Joy. The song went to #1 in over 26 countries, and is featured on more than 100 dance compilations, with over 2 dozen remixes and is currently being featured on more new compilations in 2005.

Other notable club classics Janice wrote and sang include the international hit “Sweetest Day of May” under the name of Joe T. Vannelli, one of Europes top dance music producers. The song is featured today on more than 70 dance compilations. Finally under her own name Janice wrote and recorded DJ and clubber favorites such as “Children”, “Am I Free” and the mesmorizing dance hit “Earthbeat” in 1998.

Having conquered Europe, Janice returned to her roots in New York City where she worked with Taylor Dane penning and lending her vocals to the song “When Ever You Fall” and with Wyclef Jean, who cowrote Tevin Cambell's "Never Again" with Janice.

In 1999 Janice once again lent her writing talents and vocals in 1999’s #1 Dance Hit “Let the Joy Rise” performed by dance favorite Abigail. Next Kristine W called on Janice to write as well as sing on the track titled “Let Love Reign” for Kristines album titled Stronger.

She then began working on her first full length critically acclaimed album “The Color Within Me”. She appeared on the popular television show Charmed featuring 3 tracks from the album, including the lead single “Nothing I Would Change”. The album quickly caught legendary Tina Turner's ear and landed Janice the opening slot on Tina's 2000 Farewell Tour. After 50 cities and giving the tour her all, Janice decided to take some of Tina's advice and focus on her private life. She moved to Paris, had a daughter, Kura Umani Robinson, in 2002 and took a short hiatus from the industry.

2004 saw Janice return to the US and to her first love of writing songs of hope and love that move the universe. She wrote Top 10 hit “Risin” for Belgium Pop Idol Winner Natalia; and yet another #1 Dance Hit “If I Close My Eyes” and the beautiful dance ballad “On My Own” noted by Billbaord magazine, as the standout song from the new Reina album, called This is Reina.

In Janice's own words, she is an artist, mother and humanitarian who has spent her life in the arts to help give the world some music for the soul...

Watchout for Janice as she breathes new life and sound into “Dreamer” for the 10 year anniversary remix collection, as well as a Greatest Hits Tour and CD, and a new Pop CD in 2006 that will be ripe for remixing...