Janice T. (Sunflower)

Janice T. (Sunflower)

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
BandWorldNew Age

My music is ancient/new Native Flute music played with a quiet passion, soothing and relaxing, for escape or concentration. You can stay in one "place" as the music has a very subtle variety from track to track.


My first flute was a gift from my Father. An Arborist, he provided the beautiful red cedar wood to the maker. It is a diatonic flute with a graceful sweeping bird. After time spent alone letting the flute teach me I was pleased. Later, others began to enjoy the effect the music had on them. I noticed that children stand wide-eyed and quiet as long as I play. I am grateful for this gift and the opportunity to share it. My flute collection is growing and now includes a sub-bass A. You must hear the power of this beautiful instrument!


Warm Shelter, Native Flutes, Sunflower
Welcome Silence, Native Flute Music by Sunflower
Washita Sandstone, Native Flute Music by Sunflower

One track was used on "Heart and Mind" WVXU NPR

Set List

The live performance is "played from the heart", purely improvised with or without other musicians.