Janine Gilbert-Carter

Janine Gilbert-Carter

 Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Her poignantly warm, rich, soulful voice lovingly and profoundly penetrates the soul of all who are blessed to hear her. From the first note, the listener becomes spellbound. Not only her voice, but her delivery captivates. (Photo By Diane Dejames-Daly Headfirst Photos)


Her poignantly warm, rich, soulful voice lovingly and profoundly penetrates the soul of all who are blessed to hear her. From the first note, the listener becomes spellbound, not only her voice, but her delivery captivates. (Dr. Diane Brenda Williams)

Janine Carter was introduced to Gospel, Jazz and Blues at a very early age by her parents and grandmother.  This Pennsylvania native cannot remember a time when music was not a part of her very existence.  She began her musical journey like so many contemporary artists as a member of the choir at her church in Aliquippa, PA. She also had the opportunity to expand on her solo performances as a member of the Bach Choir of PA which performed some of Broadways most exciting musicals.  Janine continued to use the gift she was given to perform at various functions and special events until she relocated to the Washington, DC Metropolitan area in the summer of 1988.  During the summer of 1996 Janine performed her debut concert in the DC area at New Genesis Baptist Church; this celestial songbird has been flying ever since. 

Since 1998 Ms. Gilbert-Carter has performed with the Washington Performing Arts Society (WPAS) Men & Women of the Gospel Mass Choir and has shared the stage with notable artists such as Tramaine Hawkins, Oleta Adams, Regina Bell, Ann Nesby, Donnie McClurkin and Sweet Honey in the Rock for WPASs Annual Gospel concert held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Since September 2001 Janine has worked with local jazz musical talents Ronnie Wells-Elliston and Ron Elliston.  Audiences have been delighted with her performances at leading DC jazz venues such as: The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kaufmann's, Laporta's Jazz Room, The Strathmore Performing Arts Center, Twins Jazz, The U Street Jazz Series concerts held at the Islander restaurant in Washington DC, The Fish Middleton (FMJS) East Coast Jazz Festival, The legendary Blues Alley Supper Club, Westminster Jazz Night, The Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival, PG Counties 2008 Inaugural Ball as well as  several prestigious White House Events.

Janine was a finalist in the 2003 Fish Middleton Jazz Scholarship Competition (FMJS), Baltimore Marylands 2004 Mayors Billie Holiday Vocal Competition and a quarter finalists in the 2005 American Traditions Competition in Savannah, GA.  Gilbert-Carter has also performed at many special events were she has shared the stage with jazz musicians like pianists Aaron Grave, Vince Smith, Eric Byrd, Chris Grasso, and Ron Elliston bassist Ketter Betts, Wes Biles, Donny West, James King, Saxophonists Paul Carr, Brian Lee Settles and percussionist Nasar Abady, Jeff Neal and the late Ricky Loza and Mike Smith, to name a few.

In 2006 Janine joined the cast of Sistas Can Sang: A Tribute to Female Jazz Legends where she portrays the legendary Dinah Washington

In 2009 Janine did a 10 city tour starting in Torino, Italy and then traveled to Russia for a tour in 2010 and 2011. Janine also completed a six week tour of Russia and Israel in 2013

  The Release of At Last" marked Janines seventh recording.  She has released previous CDs in two different genres; (Jazz) In the Moment, A Song for You, Inside A Silent Tear and Sailing (Gospel) God Spoke To Me and Janine Gilbert-Carter & Friends Live at the FMJS quarterly gospel concert. 

Janines prayer is to have a positive effect on all that hear her music and to exude the feeling of warmth and love through her music.

Honors and Awards:

2013 Inducted into the Beaver Valley Musicians Hall of Fame receiving the Henry Mancini award

*2007 Wammie Award Nominee for Best Jazz Vocalist

*2006 Wammie award Nominee for Best Jazz Vocalist

*2006 Wammie award Nominee for Best Jazz Recording "A Song For You"

* 2006- Maryland Sate Arts Council (MSAC) Individual Artist Award in Solo Vocal Performance

* 2005- Quarter Finalist- Americas Traditions vocal competition Savannah, GA

* 2004- Finalist - Baltimore MD Mayor's Billie Holiday competition

* 2003 - Finalist - FMJS East Coast Jazz competition

* 2002 - Winner of The Absolute Jazz competition Wash. D.C.


*FMJS Jazz Scholarship Fund

*International Association for Jazz Education






God Spoke To Me

Written By: Janine Gilbert-Carter

God spoke to me one day he said I'm with you everything is ok. Just trust and believe in me you have within you all you need

God spoke to me one day he said don't cry I’ll show you the way the choice is up to you my child all that you need I will provide you.

God spoke to me, God spoke to me

He said you can reach for all the stars you see and climb the highest mountain so free soar above the trees so high. Just know I'm always by your side.

He spoke to me

So now I spread my wings and fly I’ve tapped into the love inside me my shelter in my time of storm I know he'll never leave me alone.

He spoke to me now I'm so free spread my wings and fly

I'm free so free so free I’m free
I'm free


(" A SONG FOR YOU" Janine Gilbert-Carter Live at the FMJS East Coast Jazz Festival)

"Janine Gilbert-Carter Live at the FMJS Quarterly Gospel Concert" (JGC Productions)

In The Moment- Jazz & Blues (Jazz Karma)

God Spoke To Me- Gospel (JGC Productions)

Set List

Set time 45min

My Jazz and Blues repertoire includes a list of over 300 songs. The set is mixed with Swing, Bossa, Samba and last but not least Ballads that will warm the heart.

My Gospel repertoire includes several original seletions, traditional, contemporary and down home foot stomping gospel songs.

I typically include a little of everything in my set. My hope is to touch the hearts of people no matter the age group. A little something for everyone.