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There is a certain “classic” feel and sound to Janine’s songs that were unintentional but naturally created. Her words are honest and her ideas are heartfelt. Take a listen, “see” the song and you’ll find yourself cruising care-free down a hot desert highway in a huge convertible or at a drive-through where girls on roller-skates take your order.

In one year, this singing songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba recorded in Los Angeles, shot a video in Victoria, B.C. and wrapped it all up in a six song enhanced CD. Taking a very independent approach, Janine, producer/musicians Rod Hussey (bass) and Alf Catolico (drums/guitar) financed and produced the record themselves. The songs were engineered by Andrew Slade and mixed by Tim Feehan at Backroom Studios in L.A., with Murray Pulver adding some guitars at Monster Music in Winnipeg. The video for “Regrets” was shot over two rainy days in Victoria by Scott Catolico who edited it perfectly, complimenting the subtle flow of the song.

Starting at a very early age, Janine has done voice-overs on Sesame Street, fronted daring rock bands and jazz groups, performed in stage productions and has done an enormous amount of studio work tracking her voice on many recordings for artists across Canada and the U.S. Throughout all of that, Janine wrote down her thoughts and stories and honed her songwriting abilities. She is currently creating more pieces of music for everyone to take home.

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Written By: janine gobeil

I found you
In my sandbox
Underneath the sailboat

And you
And you

You never lost your smile
Even when you lost a friend
You never thought to cry
When you might have seen the end

Oh, regrets
Oh, regrets

Spent all winter cold
Underneath the floor
There's a secret door

And you
And you

You always new best
To leave me alone
You never questioned when
I would pick up the phone

No, regrets
No, regrets


2006 - Six song enhanced CD featuring the video for "Regrets"

Cd available for purchase on Apple iTUNES and cdbaby.com

Set List

Janine normally plays a 45 minute set of original material throwing in a Joni Mitchell and yes, even System of a Down cover here and there.