Jan Morrison

Jan Morrison


A fresh, honest chanteuse. Songs that combine chant, lucious keyboards, grungy guitar, soulful vocals and groove.


Where did you grow up? Alabama and Tennessee.

Milestones: Threw myself into music after realizing that girls don't play football; threw myself into songwriting after realizing I wasn't that good of a piano player; threw myself into the "dunking booth" at the Baptist Church and got baptized.

What were the first songs you had to have? Alice Cooper's School's Out, T-Rex's Bang A Gong and the Jackson 5's I Want You Back. My mother was horrified when I dressed as Alice Cooper one Halloween.

Most memorable gig: Last spring I performed with my band at the Sweet Auburn Fest in Atlanta. Huge crowd. Right before we were scheduled to go on, this, uh, fashion show posse jumped onstage (see the Booty-licious photo on my website). And there wasn't a lot of fashion on these ladies or gents. The guys in the crowd were going nuts. Needless to say, since no one in my band was going to strip, our set was a little anti-climactic.

What were your first instruments/equipment? A Fender Mustang and a Korg monophonic synth so I could play all of Gary Numan's songs. I also had a Teac reel to reel recorder that could overdub, which I still have.

What instruments/equipment do you use now? I have a Fender Strat and a Bronco, an Alvarez acoustic guitar, a Korg Trinity and I use Cakewalk to record.

What are your all time favorite recordings? Peter Gabriel's Passion, Talking Head's Take Me to the River and Once in a Lifetime, anything by Trans Global Underground, Arvo Part and I really do love Mozart.

What are you listening to right now? Joseph Arthur (who I've seen twice this year and he's fantastic), King Crimson's Discipline, Eno & Byrne's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, The Smith's Strangeways Here We Come, Ringside, and Kate Bush's Ariel.

Strange fascinations: Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Jock Rock CDs, some new Ru-Paul dance song about Hollywood, Kronos Quartet's Early Music, Velvet Underground.

Jan's song "Break Free" is receiving play on Rockin Moms Podcast, Celtica Radio, Pirate Moblie Radio and I-Radio FM in Los Angeles. She received an ASCAPlus award in January 2006 and will receive another one in 2007 as an up and coming songwriter.


Why Don't You Love Me?

Written By: Jan Morrison

Is there something wrong with my face?
I never wanted to invade your space.
I keep my head up and run the good race.
I live on mercy and the good Lord's grace, so...

Why don't you love me?

Remember when I put a dent in your Beemer,
And it was just a little misdemeanor.
I've told white lies but I'm not a schemer.
The house is messy 'cause I'm a daydreamer, but...

Why don't you love?

Why don't you love me now?
Somehow you don't see me as I am.
Why don't you look me in the eyes
And say those three words right now?

I vowed to stay with you to the grave, but
I never promised I could always behave.
I can't be the debutante that you always craved.
I didn't start a war from an Afghan cave, so...

Why don't you love me?

I Have Hope In You

Written By: Jan Morrison

In te domine speravi

Lord, I get so tired
When I think of all I have to do
I want to rest my head
But there's no home to go home to

I have hope in you
I have hope in you

Muddy water rising surrounding me
The night so black no electricity
All my life in a water grave
Couldn't catch my breath
Before the next wave

I have hope in you
I have hope in you

Ignore the flying bush overhead
And "weep no more" the voice said
The levees failed and Caesar failed
And Lucifer failed
'Cause I still have hope in you

I have hope in you
I have hope in you


Her newest CD, Joy & Pain, including "Break Free" and "You Are My Pain," was released in November 2005. Both of these songs can be heard on Martha's Vineyard Radio (mvyradio.com). It is available through CDBaby, i-Tunes and at Grimey's in Nashville.
Jan's debut CD, Remember Me, released in October 2004, is also available through CDBaby and i-Tunes. The song "Darkness" has been in the top 50 Electronica charts twice on American Idol Underground. Both "Dwell in My Love" and "Lord, Hear My Prayer" have had streaming and/or radio play.

Set List

Sunrise, Why Don't You Love Me?, Lord Hear My Prayer, You Are My Pain, Break Free, Saffron Boy, In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel song), Joy and Bang the Drum. This set takes about 45 minutes to perform.