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Janny Popps

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Janny Popps is a high energy, creative, charismatic artist. His summer 2008 single "Butterfly" received over 30,000 votes on Buffalo's 93.7 FM on the WBLK's top 10 countdown and over 100,000 hits on Myspace.com. The video for it was aired on Much Music, Late Nite Noyze TV and other outlets.


...... Born in Trinidad, Janny Popps spent his first years surrounded by the sounds of caribbean music. From soca to reggae, from dancehall to chutney, but Hip-Hop took over when his family decided to move to Detroit MI in the United-States in the mid 80s and later, Canada in 1997. Janny quickly embraced this new urban musical revolution that was sweeping Mid West America and at the age of 12 he was in a rap group called LSD based in Lansing MI. His great freestyling ability was what landed him a spot in this group. For the next 4 years he worked on his craft. Freestyling in his room,on the way to school, in ciphers and in his high-school cafeteria. Living in different environments and having being influenced by a variety of musical genres made Janny Popps a different type of rapper. His delivery, his wordplays, his swagger, his energy, his stage presence and his voice give him the edge to seperate himself from the rest of the up and coming emcees. Janny Popps is signed to Qryptonik Records and is currently working on his album. His lyrical influences are Dayton Family, Crime Boss, Eightball and MJG, Too Short, 2pac, Bigge Smalls and Nelly. His style is a direct reflection of the places he has lived throughout his life, which combines his caribbean heritage,Mid-West America and Canada. Janny makes music that people can relate to. As he himself says, "Good songs last a minute but great songs last forever".


"Butterfly" (EP - 2008)

"One Take Freestyle Mixtape" (2008)

Set List

Original material with warm-up covers (50 Cent's "Rider pt. 2", Lil' Wayne's "A Milli", Shawty Lo's "Dey know" or others). My sets vary on the promotors expectations. They can be as short as 10 minutes to 45 minutes (they can be longer if needed).