Jan (Yahn) Peters &The Monday Night Project/The Naked Hearts

Jan (Yahn) Peters &The Monday Night Project/The Naked Hearts


Monday Night Project:Mostly Original Songs and Tunes Influenced by Bluegrass, Celtic, Eastern European, Calypso, Funk, Blues, and Soul Music. Compelling Harmonies and Songs & Very Fun To Listen and Dance To ~ The Naked Hearts play more traditional numbers and more purely acoustic.


Jan (pronounced Yahn) Peters has been playing music and singing songs for over 25 years. Based in Bellingham, WA for the last twelve years, Jan previously lived and performed in Davis, CA for thirteen years, where he was a full time musician and vocalist. Jan has played with many great musicians, including Joe Craven, Rob Ickes, Clan Dyken, (featured on Revive The Beauty Way CD, visit clandyken.com), Bill Scholer and his Blues Band, Linda Book and the Dog Eared Pages, The Slaves of Rhythm, and Di Patterson (featured on Di Patterson Sextet Live At The Palms). Jan Peters And The Monday Night Project's These Waters, is a culmination of all these many influences and years of performance. Containing songs of love and life, These Waters is a sweet and uplifting listen. Jan's other current project, The Naked Hearts, of Bellingham, will be recording soon.


These Waters

Written By: Jan Peters

There's a place, where I go, where you can feel, every shade of blue, and I go there, when I can, and when I have to, 'cause it cleanses my heart, and awakens my soul in this life,

Every shade of blue, a place to feel for me and for you, every shade of blue, its a certain region of the heart, and an entrance for your soul,

Will you come there, with me now, into these waters, these waters, where strangely enough, the deeper you go, the easier it becomes to breath,

Every shade of blue, a place to heal for me and for you, every shade of blue, its a certain region of the heart, and an entrance for your soul ~

jan peters 2007

Behind This Train

Written By: Jan Peters

Behind this train, so hard to contain, there's a deeper knowing,
and letting you go, would be much harder you know, if it hadn't been showing,
That you know its true, this place between me and you, just can't be denied, no matter how hard we might try.
So I'll do my best, to give this passion a rest, for your breath, skin and marrow,
its not to consume, but for sweet love to bloom, the way, it is deep and narrow.
Sweet love can be so free, if you walk down the road with me, but you've got to see it on your own, 'cause everything about you feels like home.
Well I want you to go, if your heart is on hold, and in our river you cannot fully be, its been bringing us down, when you feel like you're drowning, its just too fast and deep.
I guess we're just not ready, turn away and get yourself steady, I'll see you in a moon or two, and our time, still could be soon.
Behind this train, so hard to contain, there's a deeper knowing, behind these walls, so strong and so tall, there's a pure sun a'glowing,
as the train slows down, and the walls come down, and we find ourselves smiling, standing at a station, smiling.....smiling......
smiling......with so much more love to go around ~
Behind this train, so hard to contain, there's a deeper knowing.

I And The Village

Written By: Jan Peters

Looking into my horses eyes, I can see other skies, I can really feel the rain, I can see the sun again,
I and the village,
We journey through the dark into the night, so like the stars we shine at night, I and the Village.
We have a little church in town, friendly father waiting there, he will care for you, he'll be there for you,
I and The Village.
Down below we work the fields, always grateful for the yield, no matter times of flood or drought, about our love we have no doubt.
Oh I love to watch you when you work, your fingers and toes covered in earth, I love you in your peasant dress, tonight with you I will rest,
I and The Village.

Jan Peters 2005 ~ After the Marc Chagall painting of the same name.

Cold Seattle Morning

Written By: Jan Peters

I stand beneath this laundry sign,
its buzzing a loud drone,
I play the fiddle's lonesome whine,
along to the awful tone,
together we raise the sun,
as light breaks cloudy sky,
its a cold Seattle morning,
and I didn't sleep last night

sleepers in dark windows may hear us in their sleeping,
I play a tune for them,
the sound is careening,
all through the streets and alleys that surround this parking lot,
birds begin to rally,
I join in,
even though my voice is shot

the laundry lady appears,
to open up her place,
she neither frowns nor cheers,
not a smile, not a trace,
she's got work to do,
her day must now begin,
I play a tune for her,
I take a bow and grin

I didn't sleep last night
cause I stayed up with a friend,
we wanted to be lovers,
we just rolled around and kissed,
we left our long johns on,
it was very fine,
she had a plane to catch,
I got her there on time

I stand beneath this laundry sign,
its buzzing a loud drone .....

jan peters 2007

Tight Rope

Written By: Jan Peters

I'm walking on a tight rope over this land, one end's connected, the others' in my hand.
Many times I take a great fall, and get up again in the face of it all.
'Cause I have faith in the very thing, that put me up here on this crazy swing.
Its you and me I'm talking about, my heart is on the line, and I'm not running out.
Incrementally, you get closer to me, it gives me some kind of balance, and a way to be, maybe its the nature of the spiritual road, you're walking on a tight rope, can't see where it goes.
I know I'm not alone, I see you over there, doing your own dance way up in the air.
I'll say it again, I know I'm not alone, I know when you're walking in your own danger zone.
Every time we reach out, and take each others hand, we manage to come in, for some kind of land.
Might be heavy weather as we approach the ground, then its sweet love all safe and sound.
I don't know all the reasons why, we're thrown right back up, up into the sky, you and I are a mystery rare, I love you from the ground, and I love you from the air.
Oh sweet love, can't you see, the closer we get, the more alone we can be.
Its not always easy once begun, but if you give yourself to it, its a lot more fun.
Even then you never will know, the very next thing that puts you up on the rope.
We're just doing the best we can, and I just want to be your man.

Jan Thomas Peters 2009

Shaking Away

Written By: Jan Peters

I'm shaking I'm shaking I'm shaking away, I will do anything anything it takes, to be love, to see love, no matter what they say, I'm shaking....away.

I'm waking I'm waking I'm waking inside, I will do anything to cut through all the lies, the layers are many, it comes as no surprise, I'm waking....inside.

Now is the time for everyone to see, everybody is related to a refugee, can you hear, hear the world's call, anything that happens to one of us happens to us all.

I'm empty I'm empty I'm empty inside, I don't know who I am or what or where or why, the freedom you give me is something I can't hide, I'm empty....inside.

I'm filling I'm filling I'm filling with light, I know loving you is so very right, even through the deep dark of the night, I'm filling ....... with light.

Little Lost One

Written By: Jan Peters

Hey little lost one, where you going now, under a bridge, or to the Mission House.

Hey you got a song, a song for me today, you always have your poetry, just to give away.

I admire, how you dress so fine, and I know that you do it, for a nickel and a dime.

You're always sayin', how one day you'll be discovered. I wonder if you'll ever know, you have something you've uncovered, I admire do deep.

Hey star trooper, you're a real troubadour, of gold and riches, you are an endless store ~

Market Girl

Written By: Jan Peters

There I was, fiddling in the cold, when a vision did appear, suddenly I got warm as the vision did come near, the vision did come near.

Was a girl with a smile in her eyes, and a wild mane for hair, I stirred and I stopped and started again, as she was standing there, as she was standing there.

Uh Oh here we go, I could fall in Love, she's a dangerous kind, who stops my mind, changes all I know, too late, she opened the gate, my blood is running fast, she did it before, she'll do it again, and I don't stand a chance, I don't stand a chance.

So I found my song, and fiddled along, as she was standing there, she started a fire for all to see, and smoke rose to the air, smoke rose to the air.

Market girl oh market girl, where you going now, can I go with you, go with you somehow, go with you some how?

Uh Oh, here we go.........


These Waters by Jan Peters & The Monday Night Project.

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