Jan Pittard

Jan Pittard

 Grapevine, Texas, USA

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Long Year of Letting Go

Written By: Jan Pittard

One last teardrop, One last good-bye,
One last regret for believin' your lies.
At least I can walk out and hold my head high,
You can't even look me straight in the eye.

Cuz you tore me up, then you broke me down,
Well I've had enough so I'm leavin' this town,
Yeah, it's hard, baby, I know-ow-ow.
It's been a long year of letting go.

Good guys, bad guys, I was your scapegoat;
Good times, bad times that we'd sugarcoat.
Well good bye so long that's all I wrote.
ps Good night, sleep tight, it's time for me to go.

(Repeat Chorus)

Why'd it take so long for me to see,
All I had to do was set myself free.

I've been torn up, I've been broken down,
I finally had enough so I finally left town,
It was hard, don't ya know-ow-ow,
It was a long year of letting go.
It was a long year of letting go.
That was my last teardrop, that was my last goodbye.