Janski Beeeats
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Janski Beeeats

Paris, Île-de-France, France | MAJOR

Paris, Île-de-France, France | MAJOR
Band EDM Rock


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EP (6 tracks) « Game Planet », CD release 1000 copies and digital download with IDOL, Un je-ne-sais-quoi (09/2010)

EP (5 tracks) « Janski Beeeats », vinyl release 300 copies, GlumpK Record (12/2009)

The track « Hawohu » on the « Boxon Makes me Crazy » compilation, Boxon Records (02/2010)



The Story
2980 : for 20 years, the world has been fighting a deadly pandemic, the BioMud.
The Purple Plague, so called because of the dark stains it leaves on its victims, has already infected millions who become blood-thirsty monsters no ressemblance to the humans they once were.
Out of the fear and chaos was born Tower City, the earth's last bastion against the BioMud. The vertical city is owned by LBM Noxxe, a pharmaceutical megacorporation with its own army of robots. Noxxe's soldiers are programmed to destroy any "purple" that might have slipped through the net. But for some, Tower City is the last hope. Like this young man, whose face has been destroyed by the BioMud. In the vertical city, he has one small chance of becoming human again and he's ready to die for that dream of a new face.
But he's not like any other "purple" : his body is mysteriously immune to the virus. On one condition : that his head be filled with music. His name : Janski
Soon, there will be a price on his head and the treasures that it hides. Hunted down by Noxxe’s robots, wanted by the evil scientists who pull the strings of the epidemic, Janski will have to run for his freedom and his life in the vertiginous heights of Tower City. In his trail, music, vibrant, vital, electric…

The Project
The Janski Beeeats project is shouldered from 2007 by the musician and illustrator Jansé who is one of the upcoming figures in the artistic community of Tours. Off stage, he writes a comic (inspired by japanese manga) that tells the story of the young Janski. On stage, Jansé embodies his character and plunges us into his universe, thanks to the video projections. With his chiptunes, synthesized melodies and frenetic beats, he turns the dance floor into a Space Invaders game ! Unlike other electro music shows, Janski Beeeats is not a DJ and he most certainly knows how to add a touch of rock’n’roll to his performance. His incendiary guitar skills and keytar solos make him a real Electro Hero.
After touring Japan and supporting bands like Ebony Bones, DJ Missill, Alex Gopher and John Lord Fonda in France, he will be releasing his new EP « Game Planet » on September, 27th on the label Un je-ne-sais-quoi. He was also chosen to perform at Le Printemps de Bourges festival in 2010 as one of the best upcoming electro artists in France.

Article by Billie Ray Martin
"Label: none. Not for long, me thinks. Janski's beats disarm the electro-tried-and-tired ear with outstanding instrumental melodies. If 'Theme from S-Xpress' were composed today it would sound something like this. Like Digikid 84, there's a light- heartedness at play that instantly draws in the listener. And there you stay, wanting more, grinning blissfully. Programming and production skills meet hilarity when computer keyboard sounds are used on 'Junky Beats XP'. The revolution is alive and well when elements from our everyday, electronic enslaved existence are used to such liberating effects. The star shaped key is the outstanding track. Like with the best of 70's and 80's analogue space disco, you will fly high on an endless keyboard melody that builds through key changes (yes ladies and gents KEYCHANGES) and arrangements while remaining digital by nature, busting with cracking beats.
Listening to this week’s acts, I see a welcome return to serious skill and vision that delivers a long awaited alternative to the trash brigade. And of course it's all from France."