January Jane

January Jane

 New York City, New York, USA

Discovered by Matt Pinfield while performing live in New York City, January Jane was signed and sent to Los Angeles to record their first full length album with legendary Producer Jay Baumgardner (Linkin Park, No Doubt) at NRG Studios. With Diana Meltzer (Evanescence, Alter Bridge) lending a hand on pre-production and Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, The Killers) mastering, the band is excited to be releasing their debut album and going on tour in the Fall of 2015.


New York City-based alt/indie-rock band, January Jane, announces the release of their new album this fall 2015. Their song “Take the Lions On,” will be the first single to drop from the new release. The track was produced by Matt Pinfield and engineer John Bender, who worked on Breaking Benjamin's top-charting Billboard release Dark Before Dawn. The aim of the track, according to the band, is to take the listener on a journey of overcoming obstacles in life. An uplifting call to arms, the song was inspired by the band’s own struggles with failed relationships, dealing with a lack of fulfillment and ultimately taking responsibility for your own actions.

The band’s members include Pat Via (vocals), Mitchell C. Mitchell (guitar), Peter Scialla (keyboards), Cody Darbe (bass) and Andre Jevnik (drums). Via and Mitchell met at a gallery opening on a street called “Jane” one January day. They planned to meet up and jam and, just like that, the band was formed. Shortly after, Scialla, Darbe and Jevnik joined to round out the line-up. In 2014, the band signed with Whiskey Vinyl Records and is noted for their straight-forward hard rock sound, incorporating synths and other elements, which comprise their signature sound.

The band recently headlined a brand new concert series, called Whiskey Vinyl Presents. January Jane was the headline of the debut event at the Highline Ballroom on July 16th. The single, “Take the Lions On,” has been recently released - make sure to stay up to date by checking out their website, JanuaryJane.com.



Written By: Pat Via,MCM

Erase all, the final,
Traces of what we once knew
Rewind your, forever
Return the future, like a fool

Tell me will you stay, if I change my ways, or -
Beg you to give in; to the games I've played, just -
Show me how live, or the dreams I gave, up -
Break them into two, and destroy all the proof...


Don't say goodbye Esmeralda,
or say so long to second tries
Leave me right there where you found me,
found me
Don't say goodbye Esmeralda,
or say so long to second tries
Leave me right there where you found me,
Right by, the devils side


Visions, blind us,
They whisper, “Everything’s untrue”
Beneath all, the questions
Lays the scars reminding you…

Nothing here to take, just ma-ni-pu-la-te, you're -
Throwin' all the blame on the eyes that see, through -
Bullet to the heart, as I try to leave, new -
Writing on the wall what I tried to tell you


Right the Devil's side

Buried now, dead and gone
Released from the hurtful wrong
Now she waits here all alone
To end us again

(Chorus to Outro)


Fall 2014: Debut Full Album