January Jaunt

January Jaunt


With vigour, sensitivity and originality, January Jaunt mix a blend og genres like; Alternative, Electronica, Post and Indie Rock.


The Danish press has been watching us closely all the way, since we released our first demo TheButtonThatStoleOurChildren in 2003.
Just two month after release, it became Demo of the month in the biggest Danish music magazine GAFFA, and was followed by words such as "The best demo I have ever heard" and "A self assured band with a clear vision".

January Jaunt has been on DR-P3(Danish national radio) and MOTOR-FM (Berlin, Germany) + they did a tv show appearrance in 2005.

We have played successful concerts all over Denmark and have been touring in Germany and Norway. Our audience come from all over the musical spectrum! From Alternative rockers, Metal headz, Electronica freaks and to people with the commercial ears, they all get drawn to our tasteful mix of genres. The Band was formed by songwriter bassplayer leif n in 2003


2007 - "Echoes & Stills" debut album

2005 - "Promo05" four tracks promo

2003 - "TheButtonThatStoleOurChildren" demo

Set List

Depends alot on our moods, but usualy it is something with a BIG blast to lift off, and a BIG blast to say goodbye!