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January Voodoo

Band Alternative Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Big Bowl of Sonic Energy"

“A plain Jane CD cover doesn't hint or gloat at the big bowl of sonic energy inside. January Voodoo's debut effort is a blend of indie rock and alternative that works!”
- Static Magazine

"A Very Radio Friendly Vibe"

At first listen to this CD, you hear the same power chords and high fretted chasers as what is all over the radio. At second listen, well I heard the same thing. Though, I did notice that this band does it somewhat well. The recording comes off pretty thick, as far as the guitars go. I figure if your going for that sound, you need a real thick guitar sound to cover up for lack of movement on the guitar. Hey, you don’t always have to be flashy though. Sometimes, basic things can make for a good emotional feel in a song. So after listening a bit, the CD isn’t so much God Smack and Disturbed as I thought it was. Not to take from those bands, but in my opinion that’s a good thing. They have way more melodies and a bit more of a groove then I had expected. The band has a very ‘radio friendly’ vibe. - Mindset Magazine

"Assume the Position"

Sometimes, you see a press kit and hear a CD that makes you say to yourself, ‘If any band has a shot, it’s this one!’ That was the feeling that we had here at MWB when we opened the press kit that January Voodoo sent to us.

January Voodoo takes advantage of having two guitar players in the band (Jeremy Lytle and frontman Drew VanOrden) as they weave powerful, thick guitar lines that are actually quite interesting! They lean a bit toward the Nu-Metal sound, but their stuff is actually edgier than that. I think the one thing that makes it seem not-so-heavy is the fact that the band’s music is incredibly polished and smooth! The guitars are great (as I mentioned), and well-supported by the rhythm section of Andrew Broste on bass, and Jon Blaha on drums. However, the glue that holds it all together is the vocal work! Not only are the lead vocals good, but the backing vocals are also superb! Combined, you get a musical package that is radio-friendly and ready to assume its position at the top of the charts! - Midwestbands.com


Eyes Open Wide EP 2003
Sunshine Demo 2000


Feeling a bit camera shy


JANUARY VOODOO emerged from the shadows of the Minneapolis, MN hard rock scene in January 2000 when longtime collaborators Drew VanOrden, Jon Blaha, and Andrew Broste constructed the foundation of Voodoo. Shortly after it’s creation, the buzz about January Voodoo’s rough around the edges hard rock blend opened enough doors to get them gigs at nearly all of the most respected stages in town.

After having somewhat of a revolving door, Jeremy Lytel was added to the line up shortly before the recording sessions for "Eyes Open Wide" began. Jeremy's guitar overlays added new dynamics to their already magnetic sound. The glory was short lived though. January Voodoo is back to being a power trio and has plans on continuing in that form for some time.

Competing in 93X’s (KXXR) battle of the bands, numerous college radio chartings as well as being the number one add in Boca Raton, FL (WOWL) and charting for over 21 weeks straight in Rutson, LA (KLPI) are some of the recent accomplishments that January Voodoo achieved in 2003. Other successes include licensing their music to Mtv’s Road Rules/Real World, and having “The Machine” featured in Shut Eyes Records upcoming “Buzzlighter” compilation disc.

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