Janus Spills

Janus Spills

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If it's been done already, he refuses to repeat it. This is the musical credo of Janus Spills. He attempts to extend the boundaries of Hip Hop music into twenty-first century. Combining genres rarely clashed, Janus Spills is the sole leader of a Hip-Hop movement he calls, "progressive rap."


Janus Spills is a twenty-first century lyricist on the cutting edge a new style of Hip-hop. He brings together his influences of hip-hop, punk, and industrial into a cohesive blend that's hard to discern. He was born in Amityville, New York, but moved to South Florida at age ten. He was the first artist on the former rap label Mocean records, and collaborated on the local classic album Primary Source. He took a brief hiatus from recording due to his temporary disenchantment with Hip-hop, but returned after a year and a half with his seminal EP Dark Night of the Soul. It's been praised highly by both the Hip-hop purists and the progressive fans who are looking forward to something new in a genre many say is in a state of stagnation.


original member of P.L.A/album: Primary Source.

Set List

Back to Basics( to set the tone)
A Day Begins at Night(to blast off)
Evidence of Decadence(to smooth the ride)
I am the World(to dive)
Fallen Ones (to land)