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Durham, NC | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Durham, NC | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Electronic




"Indaba Awards 2015- Best Cover Song"

Indaba Music has been a leader in the online music space since February of 2007. Over the years, extraordinary people and talent have been important members in the community. Because of their participation, members have generated significant income for themselves, have gone on to sign major label record deals and publishing deals, and have even been nominated for Grammy Awards. As importantly, members have developed meaningful personal relationships with other community members who have enriched their lives. In an effort to acknowledge some of the outstanding members of the Indaba community, we are establishing the annual Indaba Music Awards.

Curated through Remix, Original Content and licensing opportunities throughout the year on Indaba Music, as well as general participation in the community, the Indaba Music Awards will eventually consist of more than ten categories, each honoring the top Indaba Music members in their field. Members are eligible by simply becoming an active member of Indaba Music and participating in Indaba Music Opportunities. Winners will be recognized every year after being judged based upon their previous year of contributions.

To start things off, we have selected six honorees for the 2014 calendar year. These members have been extraordinary contributors to the community and we want to congratulate them on the success they have achieved to date, and let them know we expect even greater things from them. A full 2015 Indaba Music Awards Category List will be available soon.

Best Cover Song - JANXX

On a whim, Janxx put her Sam Smith cover of “Stay With Me” from the We Are The Hits Cover Contest on Spotify. She reached over 100,000 listens in the first week. She is currently working on 3 different styles of music under 3 different monikers, Janxx, Lesley Pond and The Eternal Hiccups. - Indaba Music

"Janxx Blends Melody And Energy In Equal Doses"

"North-Carolina electro act Janxx is the brainchild of singer / songwriter Lesley Pond, whose approach to song-writing and performing blends melody and energy in equal doses.
Janxx’s brand new single, S.O.S. features tight beats, lush synth lines and hooks to die for. The track has been remixed by German producer Stephan Straka, who set out to leave his mark on the music scene through his work as Sikora." - More More Sound

"JANXX: “Looking forward instead of backwards”"

She is multi-talented, bold, honest and, most importantly, she owns a deep, husky voice which you will find difficult to resist. Having recently released her eponymous debut EP, she is getting ready to take the world of independent music by storm. City Savvy’s Bartek Brzezinski introduces Janxx, a.k.a. Miss Elevator, a.k.a. Electronic Diva from North Carolina.

What is your earliest memory involving music?

Hmm. I think my earliest memory is putting on ‘shows’ in the living room for my family during the holidays with my cousins. We would rehearse for hours, taking the process extremely seriously. My family was involved in Community Theatre, so we had a huge bin of weird old costumes for playing dress up. The show I remember most involved a heavily choreographed ballet number to “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio, dressed in old lace nighties. Very hipster!

Who would you say had the biggest musical influence on you as you were growing up?

Both of my parents were great at encouraging creativity, so I think I mostly have them to thank. If they hadn’t put up with us wailing and painting and prancing around, I think I would be a very different person!

Is there one particular song, like a theme song, that you could sing anytime and anywhere, one that reflects your soul the most?

“Miss Elevator” is actually written to be a personal theme song of sorts. That, or “Mammalion”. I think the first represents the cheekier side of my personality, and “Mammalion” is sort of my hymn to the universe.

What kind of woman is Miss Elevator?

She’s Queen of the Bees, all A class!
Are there any other art disciplines that you express yourself through?

Costume design, photography and video production. I really love that being an independent musician gives you the opportunity to dabble in a variety of art forms. Anything but cooking, which I love but doesn’t love me!

As an artist, which aspects of life are you most interested in?

The struggle for authenticity in the modern world.

What is the story behind your stage name?

Janxx is a now out-of-use English slang term that can pretty much mean what you want it to. Usually a noun or an adjective, (i.e. junk or awesome). It is also the name of a very popular liquor served in certain star systems (see: “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”).

Your cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” sounds as if you had a natural inclination for darker shades of music. Where do you think this fascination came from?

I’ve always been attracted to the darker side of art. It seems to be full of genuine emotion. It was always the sad songs on an album that I would replay the most.

Men in your songs appear as rather sneaky creatures. Why do you think that is?

Ha ha, I don’t know. I think it’s because I tend to write more about pain than happiness. Music is cathartic. Also, in songs like “Beat Down” and “Long Grass”, the male characters are not so much an actual person but more of a representation of a concept.

The female character in “Fool’s Gold” sounds very determined, self-sufficient and emancipated. Which female artist do you identify yourself the most with?

Me! I think that most writers or composer-creatives tend to be more individualistic, so I never hyper-identified with another artist, so much as certain pieces of music or art.

What is the strongest emotion that you would like to share with your audience through your singing?

Never just one emotion. Intensity of emotion, I think.

I understand that you write and produce your songs at home and practically on your own. Could you tell me more about your creative process?

I write, record, and produce everything by myself, start to finish. Often songs start out in my head. I very much enjoy driving around and coming up with different ideas – belting them out where no one can hear me if I sound terrible. Other times, I will be messing around creating beats and something will grow from there. Because my music is electronic, the last and most arduous part of the process is recording the vocals, and final mixing.

What are your plans for releasing a full debut album and is it going to include your earlier songs, such as “S.O.S.” or “Wicked Woman”?

I don’t have plans to release a full length album any time soon, but would like to release another EP later in the year. I think for independent artists nowadays EPs make a lot more sense for various reasons. It would be all new music. It is very tempting to revisit older tracks but I think it is important from a creative perspective to look forward instead of backwards. - City Savvy Louxembourg

"Janxx- High Horse Video Preview"

Introducing DIY electronic singer, songwriter and producer Lesley Pond aka Janxx with the brand new music video for her latest single “High Horse“, which is the first of a series of 12 singles the Durham native is set to release this year, in the lead up to her debut album.

According to Janxx, “High Horse” is “sort of a song to myself. A lot of the antagonists in my music tend to be anthropomorphized parts of my personality“. I really like this record and especially her vocals and the chorus on this, watch her “High Horse” video below, and look out for the second single in her album series, “Undress”, which will be released next month - Conversations About Her

"Indaba Music Award- Best Original Song"

Indaba Music's Best Original Song of 2016 - Miss Elevator - Indaba Music


Debut EP available everywhere April 1st, 2016



With diva-like authority, British-born NC based singer/producer JANXX delivers her dark soultronica on multiple platforms, including piano, loop station and various controllers. Her rich, blues-laden vocals are layered atop cleverly self-produced beats and haunting synth lines. 
Her debut single 'Miss Elevator' won the 2016 Indaba Music award for best original song, and will be featured in a global remix contest by the million-strong community in March. 
After going viral on Spotify, scoring a licensing deal with Microsoft and sponsorships from Teenage Engineering and Igaaks, Janxx toured across the US and the UK in Spring 2016 in support of her debut self-produced and recorded EP. 
In 2017, she is focusing on releasing a 12 single series of tracks to build her debut album. 

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