Kampala, Central Region, UGA

Janzi band is a world music band basing on the contemporary fusion of African folk instruments and grooves with those from the rest of the world.We have a belief that the world will speak a common language and thats music.


Janzi started its music journey in 2009 after two Ugandan African traditional instrumentalist developed an idea to marry cultures of differents parts of the world on the aim of bridging the music difference that has been for years.The major aim in this unition is to explore the different music forms from the different cultural ethnics there by ariving to one goal.Janzi is now categorised as a world music band and forcusses on the contemporary fussion of African taditional and ethinic music with those from the rest of the world.The musical pieces produced are directly derived from the ancient folk songs and stories that were established by the great African traditional music composers.Later the music is modified and fused with diferent instruments from other cultures aiming at bridging the cultural difference.And we belive that the world will speak a common language and thats music.


In the shortest period we have been together as a band,we have managed to raise an 8 track album called EKA (Home).Eka is a luganda name that means home and on the album we mostly featured the ancient African children play games and songs.We aimed at arousing self confidence in children to keep the spirit of playing using the ancient African riddles and stories.

Set List

Eka,Ssemusajja,River road,Njabala,In the morning,Ngaai,The journey and Ekiri